How to save your phone after watering?


Until now, we may face the same situation that when we buy a smartphone and someday it fells in the water, or it’s wet when you caught in the rain or other accidents. You can’t send your phone to repair without money because it’s not in the range of repairing. If you save it in time, you have to spend money on buying the new one. We must feel disappointed to do that. So how can you save your phone from watering by yourself?


First, catch the phone from the water immediately. Second, Turn off the phone. Because after cellphone is watered, it is possible to turn off the phone automatically. Don’t hesitate to turn off it if it still is working. Third, Remove the battery. In order to avoid short circuit, you should remove the battery soon. If your phone’s battery is built in, you can skip this step. Fourth, Take out the sim card, TF card, etc. Using the towel to dry them. You’d better not to use tissue to wipe, because it may cause obstruction of debris. Fifth, put the phone in the  vacuum packing bag. If you don’t have it, you can use the plastic bag instead. The water of the phone will come out only if the air can be given off to make the real vacuum environment. Six, Put the phone in the rice, rice is the best dryer. And then take it out after two days after it is buried. Of course you can use other desiccant to complete the step.


Last but not least, you can turn off your smartphone. We must be very disappointed with the damage phone, although the chance of damage is very large, only if you can have a try, it’s probably to save your phone back. You must wait at least two days in  desiccant, please remember not to turn it off in advance. As you know, smartphone is very important for us, if this can help you, you can share with others. Don’t forget to use 8% off coupon code:  GBMAMAN .



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