How to Send Messages and Files from Android Phone to Windows PC?


Today, there are so many different devices and platforms that simplify a lot of life spheres and accelerate all processes. However, despite the technical progress, sometimes, it is quite difficult to organically combine the use of diverse appliances and systems.

For example, one of the common problems among users is the process of sending files from one device and platform to another. In case you need to send documents or photos from your Android phone to Windows PC, you have several possible ways to provide file sending.

Of course, the simplest method to transfer all types of files from any device to another gadget is to use cables. Though, cables are exactly those small things that are lost all the time. To find a necessary cable, you will need to spend a lot of time. In fact, the search will probably take much more time than the sending process takes. Moreover, cables are quite easy to break down and cause them to malfunction. So, this method of file sending is not a reliable one.

Also, you can use online clouds or emails to transfer files from your phone to the computer. Nevertheless, such methods are not convenient for users because they require a lot of time and have some limits.

So, what to do? How to save your time and effort and send necessary videos or reports from the Android phone to your Windows PC in the easiest way?

The best option is to use a Softros LAN messenger for Windows.

What Is Softros LAN messaging app?

Softros LAN chat software is a special app used to provide high-quality, trustworthy, and efficient internal office communication. It is a multifunctional program; so, if you need to receive your files on Windows PC, transferring them via Android LAN messenger is definitely what you are looking for.

Moreover, the Softros LAN IM acts like an online messaging system, which allows colleagues to easily stay in contact with each other and managers to regulate the working process. All you need to start using it is to download a program (you can try a free trial first) and be connected to the network.

Take into account that the transferred information is encrypted and cannot be stolen from the local office network; so, the use of the Softros program assures the highest level of protection for confidential information. If you are not an authorized worker, you cannot get access to private correspondence between colleagues and important documents with sensitive data.

Why Is It Reasonable to Pay Attention to Softros LAN communication tool?  

To decide whether you need the Softros LAN program or not, familiarize yourself with the main features of this app:

  • Safety, confidentiality, and privacy
  • Distance desktop sharing
  • The simplicity of setup and use
  • Correspondence history
  • No necessity to install a server
  • Terminal programs maintenance
  • Private and group correspondence
  • LAN, VPN, WAN, and VLAN systems
  • Broadcast file sending

Safety of Confidentiality and Privacy

The app provides AES-256 encryption of all SMS and other information. Moreover, access to them is available only for company network users.

Distance Desktop Sharing

The Softros desktop sharing system is based on the Microsoft Remote Assistance mechanism. It allows connecting to the desktop, installing, and using the app remotely.

The Simplicity of Setup and Use

Due to the intuitive app interface, you can easily install it on your device without professional IT help.

Correspondence History

Correspondence between colleges always includes a lot of important files and messages with business ideas. It is useful that with the Softros app, you can print out your message history with History Viewer to demonstrate the necessary information to your team.

No Necessity to Install a Server

It is not necessary to install and support a special communicating server to use the Softros LAN program because it is a P2P app.

Terminal Programs Maintenance

The service maintains Microsoft and Citrix Terminal Programs.

Private and Group Correspondence

The app allows providing individual correspondence and team conversations.

LAN, VPN, WAN, and VLAN Systems

With the Softros LAN program, it is possible to create a separate communicating area for a local office network. Connection with such systems as VPN, WAN, LAN, and VLAN assures the highest level of security for all messages.

Broadcast File Sending

In a very fast way, you can transfer files of any format to different devices and platforms.

The Softros LAN office communicator is a great app to accelerate and simplify your work.


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