How to Set Up Xiaomi MI5C to Support 4G FDD-LTE?


In the last article, we have introduced Xiaomi MI5C doesn’t support 4G FDD LTE right now, so most users should be careful to buy it. But here is good news that Xiaomi MI5C can support WCDMA 3GB and FDD 4G LTE by a simple method.


According to netizen, open Xiaomi MI5C dial interface, enter *#*#1#*#* >> Connect Technology>> Choose five module to support dual 4G LTE network. But we have no idea about if it can support 3G WCDMA network.

In fact, in press conference, Lei Jun has emphasized that Xiaomi MI5C baseband chipset can support software update, it can support new agreement. But this function can only support MIUI 8 OS based on Android 6.0 original firmware, after you upgrade Android 7.1 firmware, it can be supported. Therefore, if you want to enjoy 4G FDD-LTE Network, just test offline and buy.



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