How to Solve E-Cigarette Heating?


Is it normal for e-cigarettes to get hot and hot during use? What are the main causes? Generally speaking, this phenomenon mainly has the following circumstances:

First, the smoke rod charging heat

When the smoke rod is used for a long time or at a high temperature, or is in a charging state, there may be a slight heating situation, but please do not worry, this is normal; It is recommended that you do not use high power fast charge head.

Two, smoke rod in use heat
It is normal for the smoke rod to be slightly heated in the process of use. Because of the continuous heating process and the continuous discharge of the battery, the smoke rod will be slightly hot.

Three, the bottom of the VAPE heating
The contact point at the bottom of the smoke bomb and the four contact points in the smoke rod will appear fever, it is a normal phenomenon, because the bottom of the smoke bomb and the contact point is the place where the heating atomization.

In addition to these three cases, it is important to note that vaping is prohibited during the charging process. Many users are used to charging while using, this improper behavior is easy to cause vape engraved circuit board damage.


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