How to Solve the Issue of Vaping Addictive?


How does electronically atomized nicotine in smoke work? Since it’s nicotine, is it addictive? A: Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Minors and non-smokers are prohibited. Now let’s talk about why you’re addicted. How does electronically atomized nicotine in smoke work?

First, the atomized liquid in the electronic atomized smoke is heated by the atomizer, which creates atomized steam into the mouth. The nicotine contained in the vapors of electronic atomization then enters the human bloodstream, activates the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors on central neurons, regulates the release of central neurotransmitters, and produces more dopamine than before nicotine ingested. If the amount of nicotine that can be separated is shorter, it will affect the transmission of nerve signals, and the body will have to compensate for the nicotine again. This cycle will occur.

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Just now we talked about the atomized vapor produced by the heating of the electronic atomizer. Can atomized steam contain formaldehyde? Actually, there is. After about 6-7 atomizing bombs atomizing, the formaldehyde content produced is 0.08mg-0.09mg, and the average formaldehyde content of 1 cubic meter indoor air standard per hour is 0.1mg. We found that the control of heating temperature also has a great impact on the formaldehyde release, when the heating temperature is higher than 318, the formaldehyde release is 6.4-8.1 times that of 270.

Therefore, with regard to the use of electronic aerosol smoke, it is again stressed that it is prohibited for minors and non-smokers.


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