How to spend less and save more


It is an annual festivity. Different establishments wait for this moment to show the world how colorful they are when it comes to decoration. The green and red lights that can be seen on every corner of the street revealed that it is another Christmas time. Without a doubt, all our social media pages will have no rest anymore. Giant billboards will be mounted on every strategic point. Posters will be flying around the community. All of these will be done for shopping promotions and deals, especially during the yuletide. If you are one of the people that is easily manipulated into buying through all these aggressive marketing strategies, worry less because you are not alone.

All the commercials and sales promotions you have seen online and offline are made to influence your buying decision. They are to appeal to you in such a convincing way to purchase what they are trying to sell. In the field of marketing, it is called “Neuromarketing.” The colorful marketing campaign is to manipulate you to buy the things they sell. With this, you will always be tempted to do impulse buying. If you can’t do window shopping in peace and you are ever tempted to add seen products to the cart, you should take time to study why you can’t get your eyes off those goods without buying them.

So how do you deal with it?

In our brains, there is a part responsible for our thoughts. It is called the amygdala. This organ is formulating our emotional actions, thoughts, and motivations in our brains. When the amygdala is stimulated, a stressful emotion is created in an individual. Such a person must release those stresses naturally. Failure to do this, there will always be a reoccurrence of the pressure.

The way we deal with stress differs depending on what can heal us. Some rely on playing their favorite games. Some prefer to sleep. Some would want to be alone or have someone to talk to. Some people shed away stress by going on a shopping spree.

If you are the type that shed your stress by going on a shopping spree, you might have a massive problem than stress. This is very expensive to practice. To think that your brain is naturally relieved from stress by the mere sight of you adding shopping bags from malls to the cart. You feel better until you do this expensive therapy. Worry less, if you experience this, you have only formulated a pattern dubbed purchasing impulses.

The best part is you can let go of this habit, this article affords you tips on how to eliminate impulse buying.

Our brain Influences our buying decisions. There is a way to tell the brain to stop buying; this is pure Psychology. In an interview with Dr. Julian Ford, a psychological scholar, there is a method to help those suffering from impulse buying. The process is simplified as S. O. S, meaning, stand back, Orient yourself, and Self-check.

Step back

To silence that passive voice in your head to buying things even when you don’t need them just to be relieved from stress, take a moment to step back and free your mind. This can be achieved through thorough meditation. Take a moment, relax, take a deep breath. Do it repeatedly to calm your amygdala.

Orient yourself

Just before you start buying things, take a moment to reorient yourself. What are those things that motivate you? What do you find inspiration in doing? Have a great thought about those things that bring lasting happiness to your mind aside from wasting your cash on a shopping spree. The truth, buying the entire mall won’t stop the reoccurring of that stress. Do you intend to spend every time you are stressed? If you are the type that believes in saving for the future, you can give your brain a more subtle reason not to go on that shopping spree.


According to Dr. Does, you can check yourself by asking the following questions.

Firstly, on a scale of 10 being the worst ever to 1 being calm and happy, how depressed are you? Next, how concentrated are you, being entirely focused on your deepest beliefs on a scale of 1 to 10 and being thoroughly swept up in mindless reactions and impulses?”

If you give honest responses to those questions, you will identify the things that stress you and how they affect you. This will assist you in observing yourself. It will help construct the way to act and react to things. You gain control over those impulses decisions.

Also, Dr. Ford advised that the S.O.S exercise be practiced repeatedly to be mindful and gain self-control over your negative therapeutic method. It is essential to know the best time to practice S. O. S is when you are normal. Always finds time, maybe a few minutes, to clear your mind and set your focus on one thing. With this, you can determine the level of your focus.

The repeated action of this exercise will give you full control over your stress and emotion. It will put you at the helm of affairs. You will be in control of what you do. Remember, money is not the source of peace of mind. Try as much as you can to be a responsible buyer and spender.

In emergency cases

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