How to Start a Collection of Antiques?


Collecting antiques is a hobby that opens the door to the past. Nowadays, minimalistic furniture and Scandinavian design prevail everywhere, and people bring home giant wooden chests or vintage armchairs from antique sales less and less frequently. Nevertheless, collecting antique items still occupies a special place in people’s hearts.

Newcomers usually ask one question, “Where to start?” You can start a collection out of anything, from ceramic dolls to antique Russian icons, just relying on your interests and favorite time period. If you are still confused or frightened away by extremely passionate collectors, read on and learn about several tips from experienced antique connoisseurs about how to start your collection with confidence.

  1. Start simple and small

Do not dive deep and buy grand stuff to start your collection. If you are interested in 18th-century furniture, start with collecting 18th-century ceramics. It is one of the most popular and simple collectibles people enjoy buying. Besides, it is better to start collecting things that are easier to find. Keep in mind that you will need time for some research and exploration before buying any antique item. Do not buy just anything. Be careful in your choice.

  1. Gather as much information as possible

As mentioned above, when you have made up your mind to start collecting antiques, you should be prepared to enjoy learning information to get a deep knowledge of what you are going to buy. Read books about collecting, learn about a certain style, and choose the time period you like the most. Besides, it is better to be clear-sighted and consider such essential services as art appraisal, restoration, authentication, etc. Do not hesitate to ask antique dealers and seasoned collectors about reliable companies that can provide you with these and other services that you may need.

  1. Find a reputable dealer

It is essential to build relationships with those who know a thing about antiques and everything related to collecting. Most dealers are passionate about what they do, so it is a good chance to learn a lot and take some of the experience from people who know inside out how to grab some old and precious things. Also, consider contacting some like-minded people on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can do it by joining special groups or simply posting something about your passion for collecting antiques.

  1. Develop an eye for quality

To be sure that you do not buy a fake is incredibly important. It is much better to buy less but of high quality. Nowadays, there are many reproductions and unreliable dealers who sell fake antiques, so be attentive and use your knowledge to develop an eye for genuine items and quality.

  1. Visit antique stores

To start and maintain your antique collection is possible when visiting as many antique stores and fairs as you can. It is a kind of hunting. You just need instinct and a bit of patience. Go to auction houses to explore things, touch them, and simply watch how other collectors do their job. Besides, garage sales and flea markets are great spots for a beginner to expand their antique collection.

Lots of people are drawn to old items precisely because such items were loved and cherished by other people in the past. Collecting antiques gives a lot of experience, encourages to value long-forgotten things, and allows bringing a piece of history to your home. It is what makes this hobby truly wonderful.

Hopefully, these tips on how to start a collection of antiques will be useful and will help you build your dream collection to enjoy for years to come.


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