How to Start Business in Ajman Free Zone?


The United Arab Emirates is certainly the most desirable goal for all business owners due to their encouraging policy, stable economy, developed infrastructure and attracting sponsors. However, company setup in Dubai is rather a tricky and complicated process. But if you are aware of some important features of business registration in the UAE, the procedure will be much easier for you.

Starting Business in Ajman Free Zone

There are a lot of free zones in the UAE. Each of them has its own rules and peculiarities. One of the most attractive zones for business owners is Ajman which was set up in 1988. Nowadays, it is characterized by dynamic growth and development along with the constant process of improving and expanding. Ajman free zone provides opportunities for tens of thousands of companies from all over the world. The zone is especially appropriate for running small and middle businesses since it provides the most profitable conditions for their development. Ajman free zone will cover both industrial and international trade activities of your company on condition that you get an Ajman free zone license.

Advantages of Ajman Free Zone

The Ajman zone acquired such a high level of popularity among foreign business owners only due to its undoubted advantages:

  • Cheap visa valid for three years;
  • Absence of income taxes;
  • Cheap registration process;
  • Guarantees for data confidentiality;
  • Opportunity to own the entire company share without any local investors involved;
  • Highly developed infrastructure.

On top of all that, Ajman free zone is located not far from Dubai and Sharjah. So, it’ll only take you thirty minutes to reach those booming centers. If you follow all the requirements specified by the legislation of the zone, you’ll have all the chances to register your company in Ajman within one day. On getting the license, you can also open a bank account here with ease.


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