How To Turn OFF MIUI Advertising Push: Step By Step


Recently, many Xiaomi users have reported that MIUI’s built-in advertisements have gradually increased. In this regard, MIUI engineer Sun Peng said that good advertisements are what users like and are a win-win for businesses and users. Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi has accumulated 100PB of user big data and can achieve accurate push.

Although some of the push content is selected, many users still want a clean interface. Let’s take a look at what advertisements MIUI has and what blocking methods are available:

The recommendations in the weather are related to the weather, such as dressing exercises. MIUI can be said to be the most active mobile operating system in the country. Its interface and ease of use are well-known.

However, some users seem to be dissatisfied with MIUI’s system advertisements. For this reason, the Xiaomi official micro summarized some small methods to reduce advertisements.

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Specifically, it includes the following six items:
  • 1. Say “Close system advertisement” to Xiao Ai
  • 2. Search “Advertising Service” in the settings and select Close
  • 3. App Store—My—Settings—Recommend
  • 4. Weather—Settings—User Experience Plan—There are three items that can be fully closed
  • 5. Calendar—find three points—setting—user experience plan—content promotion
  • 6. Browser-Settings-Advanced Settings-Personalized Recommendation
  • Of course, in the comment area, there are users to add, the recommended content can also be turned off in the settings of the built-in mobile phone butler, and the personality test is also effective.

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