How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password


Have you ever ended up messing with your phone’s screen lock? Forgetting your Android phone’s passcode may be the worst thing you had with you. When you set up a password like a fingerprint or a pattern, It is a common way to prevent our important documents from being prideful. But if you forgot or couldn’t call to mind your password, How to regain access to your Android phone without a password. Keep going through this tutorial, I will show you the two easy steps how you can unlock your Android phone without a password and gain access to your files again. Just like, a lie has no leg to stand, we won’t let this problem stand ahead anymore.

You got a second-hand Android phone with an unknown screen password. Daring to unlock it by entering the wrong passcode enough times will make you unable to access your device and files on the device. Being unrecognized, fingerprint and face unlock have left you in the lurch as well. But when you have the problem, we have the solution. The Following 2 simple methods to unlock your Android phone without a password like a pro.

Unlock Android Phone without password – Google’s Find my Device

Follow the steps below, to unlock your Android phone. This method requires the “Find my Device” service previously enabled in your android smartphone before getting locked.

  • Step 1 – Go to on your computer or another Android Smartphone, and sign in to your Google Account.
  • Step 2 – If you have got over one device, select the smartphone you want to unlock > Select the Lock > you need to enter the temporary password and Tap on Lock again.
  • Step 3 – While the process completes, you will see a pop-up having some options: Ring, Lock & Erase and enter that empty password if you see a password field in your phone.
  • Step 4 – Last but should not be least, go to your Android smartphone lock screen settings, and disable that temporary password.

Performing this task, with the help of Google’s Find my Device will erase your mobile data. If you forgot your phone’s password and in the meantime, fingerprint and face unlock are not working as well. You can unlock your android device with this process, But Google’s Find my Device service has some loopholes. It needs your phone to be connected to an Internet connection in the order you are looking to unlock your phone with it. The locked Phone must have logged in to a Google account and users must know the passcode to that account. Google’s Find my Device service is the dominant method to recover your phone from getting locked, but it has to be enabled before the phone gets locked.

What if you are not a technically skilled person, or the above method did not work for you? Well, if you got a problem, DroidKit is the solution.

DroidKit – The easiest method to unlock your locked Android phone

DroidKit can help you unlock your Android phone’s password in minutes. It is the easiest and best method to regain access to your locked Android phone anyone can use with ease. Droid kit comes with the support of many screen locks including PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint or facial recognition, etc.

You are going to have a high success rate to unlock your Android phone, as long as they listed it in the DroidKit supported device list. DroidKit has access to 20,000+ supported devices including all manufacturers, but minor exceptions like the OnePlus brand’s devices. Perhaps, you are going to see them on the list soon; the team is working on their best to bring support for OnePlus devices as well. However, DroidKit makes the complicated process so easy, No technical skills require performing the entire process. No root is required as well. Alright! Enough talking, let’s dig into the tutorial.

How DroidKit App Works

  1. To unlock your phone with the help of the DroidKit App, first, download this app through MacBook or Windows PC.
  2. After that launch the DroidKit App and then tap on Unlock Screen.
  3. A USB cable is required to connect the Android phone.
  4. After connecting, tap on the Start button.
  5. Then a tab will be found in it for the preparation device configuration. Which will open with the progress bar. This will show the status of your configuration process.
  6. You will get a notification after the configuration status is complete and then click on Remove Now.
  7. After this select the brand of your Android phone and click on Next.
  8. After this, you have to put your phone in recovery mode and delete the cache from your phone.
  9. After the cache is deleted, follow the further process that comes there.
  10. After the process is completed, the option of removing the screen lock will come on your phone screen. After which you will be able to access the phone.


When you need to turn on your phone, but unfortunately you cannot recall your android phone’s screen lock that wouldn’t take time to turn out into a disaster. We always recommend it to set up a screen lock to prevent your file from being pried or stolen. Wondering about unlocking your android phone passcode in a few minutes with just simple clicks?. Well yes, consider using DroidKit to remove the screen passcode, it doesn’t matter whether the lock is in, patter, fingerprint, or even facial recognition. DroidKit is designed as the panacea for all the common problems of an Android Smartphone.

DroidKit is available for both operating systems, Windows and Mac. Not just unlocking your android smartphone, DroidKit can help you in all ways various problems sticking with your phone such as, recovering lost data or extracting them from dead devices, bypassing Samsung FRP lock, fixing system issues, or reinstalls / upgrades for Samsung devices. It cleans junk and optimizes performance as well.


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