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It might seem that there is no more convenient smartphone than an iPhone. Today it is not just a brand, but a whole world cult. However, there can be a little problem some owners may face. Your gadget will be tied to a specific telecom operator. Agree, this is not convenient for everyone, and especially for those who travel frequently. In this article, you will learn how to unlock the iPhone to use any SIM card. Check out on how to unlock EE phone .

How to Check If iPhone is Locked

In fact, defining this problem isn’t so difficult. All you need to do is to insert another SIM card into your smartphone. If you see messages that will indicate that the “SIM card is invalid” or something similar, then this will mean that you will not be able to use your iPhone with any other SIM card.

This feature of iPhones is, firstly, related to security measures, and secondly, it is more beneficial for mobile operators, since not all users will unlock the ability to change their telecom provider.

But there are several reasons why it is better to start unlocking your gadget so that it can be used with any SIM card:

  • You may find a carrier that offers more favorable and cheaper terms of cooperation.
  • You are planning to travel and use SIM cards in another country.
  • Over time, you will want to sell your smartphone or give it to someone else to use.

As you understand, without the unlocking procedure, all of the above will be impossible. Below you will get acquainted with the ways to unlock your device so that you no longer worry about how to use an iPhone with another SIM card.

The Most Popular Ways to Unlock iPhone

There are a lot of ways to cope with this issue. If you type this query into the search bar, you can get a lot of step-by-step tutorials. However, the real disadvantages of such methods are far from being described everywhere. Below we will look at the two main methods that many iPhone owners use and explain why such methods are not the most effective. And of course, you will learn about the best option on how to unlock the iPhone.

Carrier Unlocking

Almost everyone recommends solving this issue together with the carrier, and to many, this method seems the most legal and logical. In short, your gadget is unlocked by IMEI in the carrier’s store. But what’s the catch with this method? Here’s what you need to know if you are considering this option:

  • You must meet numerous criteria. For example, you need to be a client for the minimum period that is set by the carrier.
  • You may have to pay a penalty for early termination of the contract.
  • You may pay an additional fee for this procedure.
  • The time to unlock your iPhone can take up to one month.
  • You may need to leave your gadget while they finish unlocking.

As you can see, this is not only an expensive process but also a very lengthy one. And if you need to give your gadget to specialists, then for many this method is not the best solution at all.

Jailbreaking Software Unlocking

The next equally popular way is to use specialized applications. But we would like to note that this option is no better than the previous one. In short, this software allows you to hack your iPhone and make the changes you want. On the one hand, this allows you to bypass some of the restrictions imposed by the Apple corporation. On the other hand, this is a huge risk of picking up viruses and losing your data. The Apple company takes security very seriously and, therefore, keeps IMEI records of each of its gadgets in a specialized database.

Actually, for this reason, unlocking a gadget using the software will not be safe and legal. There is a risk that the company will notice that you’ve tried to unlock your gadget using third-party software and simply block the gadget. As a result, you will have to turn to the previous method. Is there an alternative to all of these options?

Use of Third Party Companies

In order to officially unlock the iPhone, it is necessary that this procedure take place through the IMEI of the phone. Fortunately, today there are companies that are ready to help you unlock your smartphone and not worry about high fees for the service or the fact that after updating you will need to repeat the entire procedure again. The main condition for the success of this method is the correct choice of the company.

For example, you can safely opt for the and there are a number of reasons why. Below are the main advantages of this company:

  • The company will check your phone by IMEI directly through the manufacturer’s base.
  • They will whitelist your IMEI directly in the manufacturer’s database, which other similar companies cannot boast of. By the way, all this is done officially.
  • The unlocking procedure will only take a few hours, and this procedure will be performed once and forever. That is, after the updates, you will not need to unlock the iPhone again.
  • The company provides money back.
  • The company can carry out the unlocking procedure for other models of smartphones.

As you can see, this option is the most reasonable. You do not need to pay as in the first case and risk the performance of your gadget as when using the second method of unlocking.

The Final Verdict

You probably already understood that it is quite possible to cope with iPhone unlocking on your own. The main thing is to immediately determine how exactly you will solve this issue.

Unlocking the iPhone with the carrier or jailbreaking software is possible. But if you take into account all the disadvantages and risks, then these options are not quite wise. Usually, the cost of the unlocking procedure with the help of intermediaries is much lower. Plus there is a guarantee that your iPhone will be ok.

Do not take risks or overpay money. Use trusted intermediaries and forget about iPhone carrier locks forever and ever.


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