How To Unlock Super Wallpaper in MIUI 12 For Xiaomi Phones That are Not officially Supported


Xiaomi officially released MIUI 12 and Xiaomi Mi10 Lite. Among them, MIUI 12 has launched a new super wallpaper, animation architecture, and self-developed algorithm. For details, you can check the report of the home: one picture to understand the new MIUI 12: the new rice pomelo light cone animation architecture + self-developed spirit string algorithm blessing.

MIUI 12 supports Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones released in recent years, including “nail house” Xiaomi mobile phones 6. After updating Mi 6, I found that the more dazzling Super Wallpaper feature did not appear as scheduled after the Mi 10 update, and then found that the official out of power consumption, performance and other factors only for the Snapdragon 845 or better processor, And the screen is open for OLED mobile devices. IT House also reported: high-performance requirements, Xiaomi MIUI 12 super wallpaper support model list announced: Snapdragon 845 no drama below

In other words, neither my Mi 6 nor MIX 2S supports Super Wallpapers …

However, after carefully checking Xiaomi 10, I found that Super Wallpaper is an App, and you can use the tool to extract the apk installation package. So I tried to transfer it to Mi 6 for installation and found that the super wallpaper appeared in the system and can be used normally.

Below I provide three methods, you can try one by one, in theory, it will not affect the mobile phone hardware and system, but it is still recommended to update MIUI 12 first, in addition, super wallpaper has certain requirements for performance and RAM, and may need to restart the process to be able to Normal display, please pay attention

2. Operation method

The following is my personal and friends to help verify the available models, friends are welcome to reply to add:

Verified models:

Mi Phone 6, Mi Phone MIX 2, Mi Phone MIX 2S, Mi Phone MIX (MIUI 11), Redmi K30 4G, Mi Phone 8 SE, Mi Phone 6X, Redmi K20, Mi Phone Note 3, Mi Phone 9SE, Redmi Note 7, Black Shark Game Phone 2 (JOYUI11), Tencent Black Shark Game Phone 3

Some models have the problem of imperfect lock screen/interest screen

The wallpaper program may rely on the MIUI framework, and other brands of non-MIUI phones may have FC

Before operation:

Download and install the three Xiaomi mobile phones I have uploaded, update the MIUI 20.4.27 development system, extract the system wallpaper application, and the original super wallpaper Apk. Address: Click to download (Lan Zuoyun) (Download password: MIUI)

Please use MIUI’s own browser to download and install it (IT Home client post bottom right menu-browser opens), or open the Apk from the file management that comes with the system after downloading, otherwise it will prompt “Cannot install system applications from unofficial channels “.

In addition, the super wallpaper will increase the computing pressure of the mobile phone. For a smooth experience, it is recommended to use at least Snapdragon 660 and 4G or above.

method one:

(Currently only available in the MIUI 12 version of a small number of models)

After downloading and installing as described above,

  • 1. Open “Settings” and find “Wallpaper”.
  • 2. If you can see the super wallpaper, click inside.
  • If you ca n’t see it, please check Method 3
  • 3. Choose your favorite wallpaper, such as the “Red Mars” wallpaper.

4. Click Apply Super Wallpaper, the system prompts that the application is successful.

The animation may not appear correctly for the first time after the lock screen is installed. After the lock screen is displayed, it can be displayed normally. After setting the super wallpaper by this method, you can update and set the wallpaper location normally.

Method Two:

Because MIUI belongs to a system based on Android in-depth customization, and the official solution for Super Wallpapers is to block the settings of some devices that are not in the open model list.

So we only need to use other tools to set the wallpaper, here use “wallpaper” from Google. I have also uploaded a network disk, link: Lan Zuoyun

In this method, the screen display and the planet display on the lock screen may not be perfect, but the desktop animation is normal. And this method can not set the location, update super wallpaper, and other operations.

  • 1. Install after downloading and then open this “wallpaper” app.
  • 2. You can grant storage space permission first and then click “Live Wallpaper”.
  • 3. Under normal circumstances, you should be able to see two “Mars” live wallpapers, one for the Martian planet and one for the Martian platform.
  • 4. Check-in turn, here I click on the platform, just apply.
  • If there is an exception, you can try to set another one, it is recommended to lock the screen several times
Method 3:

This method is only applicable to MIUI. Compared with the second method, it can achieve a more perfect effect.

We need a third-party app named QuickShortcutMaker, download link: Lan Zuoyun

  • 1. Make sure you have installed the three wallpaper programs above, then open the QuickShortcutMaker that you just installed
  • 2. Search for “wallpaper”, and then you should be able to see the search results as shown in the figure
  • 3. Click on it to expand a list, find the item marked by the arrow (SuperWallpaperListActivity) and click into it
  • 4. Click Start, you can see the official super wallpaper setting selection page, select a wallpaper and follow the method to continue setting.

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3, restore the original wallpaper method

Use MIUI’s “Theme Wallpaper”, and reapply the default theme to restore the original state. The wallpaper software installed can also be uninstalled without affecting the system.

I will try to keep updating the latest “Red Mars” wallpaper and “Earth Home” wallpaper in the post’s web disk link


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