How to Use a Temperature Control Vape Pen


Temperature control vaporizer pens are a topic of discussion for many in the vaping community. The popularity of temperature control vape pens is hard to argue against. They’re easy to use, portable, and extremely convenient.

While they’re typically pretty fuss-free to operate, getting familiar with your temperature control vape doesn’t always come intuitively. It’s important to read the user’s manual for your vape pen so you can be fully aware of its functionality.

Since all vape pens are slightly different, you’re going to want to know how many temperature settings your vaporizer pen has, the ideal temperature for your needs, and how to change the temperature. Some vape pens have preset temperature settings, others can be tuned to specific temperatures. You can control the temperature through means unique to your device, which may mean a dial, button, or even a smartphone app.

Once you understand how to set the temperature on your temperature control vape pen, you’ll also want to consider the type of substance you’re going to vape. If you’re vaping E-Juice, wax concentrates, dry herbs, or other substances, it’s likely that you’ll find different temperatures work best for different types of substances.

Getting to know your temperature control vape pen and understanding what temperature is best for your needs may take some work, but is sure to produce a much better vaping experience.

Best Vaping Temperature

Finding your best vaping temperature will likely take some trial and error. Your best temperature will vary depending on your preferences and what you’re using in your vape pen. Those who prefer big or harsh puffs will find their best temperature may differ from someone who prefers smooth, low-profile puffs.

Your vape pen itself will also be a factor in determining your best temperature. Few vaporizer pens have completely customizable temperatures, so you may have fewer settings to work with, giving you a bit less flexibility.

Keep in mind that temperature control vape pens are usually designed to work with specific substances. If your vape pen is designed to use dry herbs, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t trying to vape other substances. Temperature issues aside, this can also damage your vape pen if used improperly.

Best Temperature to Vape E-Juice

While finding your best temperature may be a personal choice, most would agree that the ideal temperature for vaping E-Juice is between 380F – 420F. The unique properties of E-Juice are usually best experienced at this temperature range.

You may find an increase in flavor at temperatures higher than this but at the cost of a smooth, cool, and comfortable hit. Since E-Juices are often flavored, the lower end of the temperature range offers a great combination of flavor and smoothness. Experiment at both ends to see which works best for you.

Best Temperature for Vaping Dry Herbs

For vaping dry herbs, a change in temperature can drastically alter your experience. This means you can customize your temperature to your desired outcome.

Keep in mind that with dry herbs, the higher your temperature, the less smooth your hit will be. Temperatures as low as 325F will give great flavor, but temperatures as high as 420F may produce less flavor and hotter vapor that may be uncomfortable to inhale.

Anytime you increase the temperature of your vape pen to the higher end of the spectrum, you are also typically shortening the length of your session, as your herbs will vaporize more quickly. Lower temperatures will usually provide a longer session.

Best Temperature to Vape Wax

If you’re a beginner in vaping wax concentrates, it is probably a good idea to start at a lower temperature. Similar to dry herbs, lower temperatures typically produce the most robust flavors, whereas higher temperatures produce more concentrated vapor.

Settling somewhere in the middle, around 370F – 390F, seems to do the trick for most temperature control vaporizer pens. This also means your wax concentrate will last a little bit longer than if you vape at a higher temperature. If you are looking for more of a dab experience, then you will need to set the temperature above 600F.

Benefits of Temperature Control Vape Pens

Once you’ve explored a temperature control vape pen yourself, you’ll quickly see the appeal. Temperature control vape pens are portable, flexible, and fun to use. Unlike preset vape pens, temperature control vape pens allow you to find the best temperature for what you’re vaping and your own preferences. You can make the most out of every session by customizing the temperature to your needs.

Some temperature control vape pens are also capable of vaping different substances, such as dry herbs and wax. This means that you can customize your temperature to whatever level is best for the substance you’re vaping at the time.

Temperature Control Vape Guide Tips

  1. Start at a low setting. Regardless of what you’re vaping, it is a good idea to test the power of your vape pen by starting low and slow. Keep in mind that not all coils and products can withstand the same amount of heat. Starting out too high can burn out your coil.
  2. Lower temperatures = smoother, more flavorful puffs. This is true for most products you will use in your vape pen.
  3. Higher temperature = larger, hotter puffs. Higher temperatures may also cause you to cough more than lower temperatures. Keep in mind that coils retain heat, so you may not need to press the power button as quickly.
  4. Exploration is key.When you’re using a variety of products, it is important to see what feels best for you. Finding your best temperature for vaping will depend on your individual needs.

Variable Voltage Vape Pen vs Temperature Control Vape Pen

Variable voltage vape pens and temperature control vape pens may sound wildly different, but both terms are essentially interchangeable. The temperature of your vape pen is determined by the amount of energy your battery is producing. This means it can be measured in volts, watts, or degrees. All of these words convey the same thing – the temperature of your vape pen.

Temperature Control Vape Pens

If you’re thinking of getting a temperature control vape pen, consider what type of substance you’ll want to use with it. It is also important to consider your preferences on flavor and smoothness. Make sure to pick out a vape pen that is as customizable as you need it to be.

Take all of these factors into consideration and you’ll be sure to have plenty of satisfying sessions with your temperature control vape pen.


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