How Using Dashboard Cameras Will Add Value to Your Fleet


Fleet management is fast becoming an easy and accurate task for the companies that agree to embrace the technology. Apart from the much-discussed real-time GPS trackers, these companies can now benefit from dashboard cameras by getting a view of what is happening in the field.

The fleet management from EyeRide includes the use of sophisticated cameras that transmit data in real time to the managers at the station through the use of the internet. The dash cams, as they are commonly known, will definitely transform the operations of your fleet in many ways.

Insurance Claims

Both front and rear dash cams will come in handy when completing an insurance claim. According to reports, these cams were created to fight crash for cash cases. Such issues were on the rise where people would collide their cars deliberately with yours so that they could get compensation. Since the arrival of these cameras, such cases have gone down.

Fleet companies suffer loss whenever any one of their vehicles is affected to the extent that they cannot operate. If the other vehicle is genuinely in the wrong, they will have an easy case, and insurance claims will be straightforward. Luckily, reputable insurance firms do accept recordings from these cams as evidence to know who is in the wrong.

Increased Productivity

Smart dash cams that allow the managers to monitor the drivers in real time are now in use. In fleet management, this is not considered to be intrusive but rather an operational procedure to enhance work standards. Drivers who look fatigued can be relieved from work to go and rest. On the other hand, it will eliminate risky behavior like driving while using mobile phones and unnecessary idling while at work.

Fleet firms that start the use of dash cams usually increase their productivity by up to 10 percent especially if they let the drivers know why the cams are being installed. Their cost is not high when compared to the increase in productivity that the companies will obtain.


Even though some people think that dash cams do not enhance security, they indeed do. They can record the scene of a carjacking and help to identify the criminals. Police heavily rely on these cams whenever there is such an incidence in a fleet company. The best cams should transmit data to a remote location like the base so that the criminals cannot access and delete the video.

Today, cases of vehicle or cargo theft have declined since the criminals know that they are being watched. In fact, most fleet companies, particularly those that transport money and valuable cargo, are monitored in real time. The fleet managers or supervisors can call for backup when they see any suspicious movements.


Fleet management can also use dash cams to count the number of passengers as in the case of coaches and taxis. This adds value to the company in a great way. It is highly recommended that all fleet companies take advantage of these cams to enjoy the highlighted benefits and additional benefits that come with their use.


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