HTC Vive Leak Reveals Price and Design


In the tech industry some companies are worse off than others when it comes to valuable information being leaked to consumers and competitors. HTC Vive was planning to reveal a new device they have been hinting at for a few weeks now, but it seems that their secret is out thanks to a leak that shows images of the new device, details of the pre-order, and the price for the new gadget.

Validity is always questionable when it comes to information leaks so this shouldn’t be taken too seriously but there is always a chance that the information is real. @evleaks on Twitter is the source of this particular information leak and they have previously leaked accurate information including Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses from Facebook, before they had a chance to release the info.

The name of HTC’s leaked product is the Vive Flow and images are eerily similar to HTC Vive’s Project Proton concept and this product is being marketed as being for “well-being and mindful productivity”.

This new product is not a virtual reality headset; it is a device that connects to your phone and allows you to watch videos and use compatible apps as well. The new Vive Flow even has built-in spatial audio, so you do not need headphones when using it.

There is also a cooling system built into the HTC Vive Flow as well as a “dual hinge fit system” in order for them to fit most heads so those long sessions remain comfortable while wearing this product. The HTC Vive Flow will also reportedly have the ability to Miracast from your smartphone as well as have diopter lenses that are adjustable and support up to -6.0D. This product will seemingly offer a wide range of functionality with no mention of controllers or a focus in gaming.

Pre-Order will reportedly begin October 15th the day after HTC’s event with a retail price of only $499. If you pre-order this device then you will receive a carry case that is pictured in the images, “7 free VR contents”, as well as two months free of Infinity Vista. Infinity Vista is more than likely a new take on Viveport Infinity.


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