HTC Vive Weekly Update and Unboxing


Do you know what’s the latest weekly update about HTC Vive? Just come with us to know the latest games by HTC Vive. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the HTC VIve unboxing with us now.



Price: Free
Developers: NEKO Works
Introduction: This is a game about mother cat living together, the player can hold glow stick to cheer for the beautiful girls. closer look at your beauty icon.

2. 《Arachnophobia》


下载 (1)_副本

Price: $4.99
Developers: IgnisVR
Introduction: this soccer game can help you overcome fear for spiders.

3. 《VR Regata》

下载 (2)_副本

Price: $4.99
Introduction: this game can let you go windsurfing, feel the charm of the sea.

4. 《Waltz of The Wizard》下载 (3)_副本

Price: Free
Introduction: This game can let you feel the magic world, let you become fast as harry potter.

5. 《Lightblade VR》

下载 (4)_副本

Price: $3.99
Introduction: Do you want to know what it was like to be a jedi? The Lightblade VR can realize your dream, come on, like Luke skywalker to punish evil except crafty.

6. 《Directionless》

下载 (5)_副本

Price: $0.99
Introduction: Introduction: this terror game is unique, but if you have spare change in your pocket, so might as well try alternative of terror.

7. 《Pool Nation VR》

下载 (6)_副本

Price: $19.99, right now it has 15% discount
Introduction: The virtual reality game is fun and can vent, the Pool Nation VR “absolutely is worth $19.99

8. 《Anomilae》


下载 (7)_副本
Price: $4.99
Introduction: Do you remember 《ADR1Ft》? This game is based on ADR1Ft, but Anomilae doesn’t seem to improve the disadvantages of the former game.

9. 《The Night Cafe: A VR Tribute To Van Gogh》

下载 (8)_副本

Price: free
Introduction: this kind of experience can let you experience what world  Van Gogh see.It is the gift of paying tribute to van gogh.

10. 10. 《Kodon》

下载 (9)_副本

Price: $19.99
Introduction: The artistic creation of a virtual reality tool is trying to challenge the TiltBrush, if you want to see how the game is, so you can download it on Steam.


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