HTC Vive Will Upgrade to aGlassDKII Eye Tracking Kit at $220


Recently, the 7invensun of HTC Vive has released aGlassDKII eye tracking module for HTC VIVE, the kit has been preordered next month at $220.

aGlassDKII adopts infrared LED circle and myopia camera to track players’ eyes in real-time, and it can send the data to computer to process. This set of modules is inserted in HTC Vive, by connecting USB port, owning three lens to support 200/400/600 degree myopia to watch.

The advantage of aGlassDKII not only can support eye tracking, but also based on this function, it can reduce the rendering accuracy outside the focus of the image properly so as to reduce the requirement of computer chipset, supporting low-end computer to work with better effect.

Currently, only NVIDIA chipset can support this kind of technology, besides, it is not the first time to release the kit by the third-party, previously, TPCAST has also released wireless kit which can let users support wireless transmission.


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