Huami Amazfit Arc A1603 bracelet vs Xiaomi MI Band 2 Review, Which one Better to BUY


Good day.

Today, I will tell you about the relatively new creation of the Xiaomi subbrand – the Huami Amazfit Arc bracelet.

So, let’s begin.

Compare the bracelet will be with Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which owned a fairly long time.

A bracelet is supplied in a pretty box. The front side is transparent and the bracelet is neatly seated on the substrate.

The box reflects the main characteristics of the bracelet.

The box is certainly presentable and richer than the usual Xiaomi Mi Band 2 cardboard box, but Xiaomi Mi Band 2 can protect the contents better. Is the wrapper important?

Complete with a bracelet instruction in English and charging.

Charging is undoubtedly more convenient than in Xiaomi Mi Band 2. Here it is magnetic and always clearly and reliably fixed. In the predecessor, I recall, to replenish the bracelet with energy, it was necessary to take out the capsule, insert it into the charging cord and then connect it to a power source.

It seemed to me magnetic charging is more convenient, and someone will not notice any advantage here.


I will not describe much. I will only say that the bracelets are externally different. Huami Amazfit Arc is more elongated, rectangular, more delicate and if it is fair, it is more elegant and beautiful. On the hand is more solid and looks good.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is thicker and the rounded case does not attach any seriousness to it. This is just my opinion!

Separately, I want to note the indisputable advantage of Huami Amazfit Arc – it’s a strap clasp. Almost how many times I unbuttoned Mi Band 2, and not count. Here, the system of classical “hour” fastening is very successfully applied. All is reliable and monolithic.

In quality and fabrication of the strap, I do not see the difference – both options are quite decent and practical. But the opportunity to replace the strap or choose another strap in color or shape in Amazfit Arc will not work. The strap is non-removable and if the clasp comes loose or something breaks, it will be unpleasant. Probably if you crack the bracelet, then somehow the strap can be replaced, but the appearance and performance of the bracelet will not suffer – this is a very big question. Here there is a minus!

Mi Band 2 does not have any problems with this – straps are a huge choice both in color, and in the shape and materials of manufacture.

Amazfit Arc strap is long (24.5 cm) and it will be enough for almost any hand.

On the back of the capsule is located the heart rate sensor, as well as the name of the model.

With appearance sorted out.

Consider what a bracelet can do.

If you had / have Xiaomi Mi Band 2, then you will not learn anything new. The functionality of the bracelets is absolutely identical. Moreover, the information display options, the display area, fonts, the sequence of information displayed on the screen are identical.

Even a bit strange … At least some feature came up and would have given it Amazfit Arc, because In my opinion, it is not enough to differ in appearance.

There is an Amazfit application in the market, but I did not even get to download it, because got used to the old and kind MiFit, which is already translated a hundred times, completely licked and the risk of bugs is minimal.

Amazfit Arc by the way absolutely correctly works with this application.

Somewhere before the announcement of the bracelet he read that they improved the sensitivity of the sensors, supposedly all the parameters will be read more accurately and truthfully, but how true this is and whether it’s true – I do not know.

The bracelet is able:

show time
show the number of steps passed
show the distance traveled
show calories burned
show the battery level
It is in this sequence that the modes of displaying information are switched.

I am very comfortable when the time is displayed horizontally and habitually to the eye, and not like on other bracelets (such as Zeblaze) inverted. Even the font is smaller, but it’s more pleasant to watch.

Next, I bring screenshots from the application. By the way at the first synchronization, the bracelet has updated the firmware.

Everything, as in the case of Mi Band 2 – set your values ​​for the name, weight, set the goals of the passed steps, weight.

When you open the application and when Bluetooth is on, the data from the bracelet is synchronized with the application. And without problems, synchronization is also taking place on the removal of the bracelet from the smartphone by more than 7 meters.

There is an alarm clock, the vibration is very soft and not annoying. However, on Mi Band 2 it is also comfortable.

It is possible to receive notifications about calls, SMS messages, and applications.

I made small measurements and I want to say that there is absolutely no difference with the same Mi Band 2. Nothing Amazfit Arc in terms of functionality does not exceed Mi Band 2.

Here in general, and everything that I would like to say about the bracelet.

I also want to express my personal opinion about the expediency of acquiring the Amazfit Arc model. It does not differ in any way from the functions of Mi Band 2, but it costs more. And not bad so expensive. For that overpayment? For a more elegant appearance (personal opinion, although to someone Mi Band 2 seems more beautiful), a more secure clasp. That’s all. It is up to you to decide whether to do this.

I personally would never have bought Amazfit Arc at such a price difference with Mi Band 2, based on a comparison of specifications. But if there was an opportunity to hold in my hands and try on, then I could have overpaid. Still, Amazfit Arc looks like I’m more comfortable. But here the difference in price would be 10-15% no more. Right now you can use coupon code: 5OFF30 to get it at  $54.4.

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