Huami Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM Version Review: Direct Calls With Smartwatch


Although the functions of smart bracelets are becoming more and more abundant, smartwatches have always occupied their own unique place in the field of smart wear under higher appearance, richer functions, and unique value as accessories.

With the gradual popularity of eSIM functions, smartwatches have finally ushered in the demarcation point with bracelets in terms of function. Among the current smart wearable devices, only smartwatches that support eSIM can be unique, lighter and able to replace mobile phones to meet daily communication needs. At the moment, only smartwatches that support eSIM can be regarded as complete.

Last year, we experienced a watch-Huami Amazfit GTR 2. As a smartwatch, it has perfect health monitoring and professional exercise assistance functions. It introduces the all-weather offline voice function, which brings innovation to the control method of the smartwatch.

Today, this watch has also followed the trend and ushered in an upgrade. The new Huami Amazfit GTR2 eSIM version has added support for eSIM, making up the last trace of regret and becoming more perfect.

As we said earlier, the eSIM function is of great significance to smartwatches. With it, the smartwatch can become a complete body that can be alone. It supports various health and sports functions that have been seen before and supports quick operations such as NFC, mobile payment, and voice control. It can also achieve independent calls, send and receive text messages, and become comparable—the general presence of a mobile phone on the wrist.

Next, we will review its various health and sports functions through the Huami Amazfit GTR2 eSIM version. By the way, let’s see how convenient the eSIM function is.


Because it is only a functional upgrade version, the outer packaging of the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version is basically the same as the previous one. The white box body is printed with the product name and front rendering, but the name has been changed. The appearance style is similar to the previous one, using a full glass dial and engraved scales, but the scale style has been slightly changed, adding a digital logo.

The 1.39-inch retina-level AMOLED screen supports various dial replacements, from classic styles to sci-fi trends; all styles can be satisfied. The watch body is made of aluminium alloy, and there are two physical buttons on the side, namely the function button and the power button.

There are up to four sensor openings at the bottom. The Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version supports heart rate monitoring and supports blood oxygen detection, obtaining more comprehensive human physiological information.

There are openings for the microphone and speaker on the side, so the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version also supports operations such as voice calls, voice control, and music playback. The strap supports quick release, and the default is equipped with a silicone strap. The charger adopts a magnetic design, and it can be automatically aligned and adsorbed by directly aiming at the back of the watch.


The Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version not only supports quick functions such as voice control, NFC, and mobile payment, but the eSIM added this time is the biggest highlight. We also focus on experiencing how this function is.


From the upper menu, you can see the difference between the eSIM version and the regular version. In the notification bar, there is not only information such as battery power but also a signal logo. Users can easily see whether the watch is receiving signals normally and which network it is working on.

The watch can make and receive calls. The function bar provides three options: recent calls frequently used contacts, and a dial pad. You can call new numbers or use records to make quick calls.

The dial interface requires touch input, and the probability of false touches under the large dial is not high. The incoming call interface is also similar to that of a mobile phone. It will display the three buttons of mute, hang up, and answer, as well as the incoming call number.

The received text messages will be displayed directly on the dial. The 1.39-inch retina screen can display many words on the same screen, and most text messages can be viewed on one screen.

You can also quickly reply to the content of the text message on the watch side, but you can only use the preset simple sentences. If you want to reply to complex content, you need to use the mobile phone APP to input. In this case, it is better to reply to the text message directly with the mobile phone. (APP reply is mainly prepared for users who have opened an independent sim card on their watch)

Also, thanks to the networking function brought by eSIM, the weather, music and other applications of the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version can be independently updated and used online without the use of Wi-Fi or mobile phones, making it more convenient to listen to songs and watch the weather daily.

Other functions

A variety of functions supported by the previous generation are also retained on the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version, such as mobile payment, playing music, and the iconic offline voice of the previous generation. The application can be quickly opened through a standard password. The user can set the wake-up mode of offline voice; the default is to wake up for 5 seconds after raising the wrist.

The NFC function is now also a standard configuration of smart wearable devices. The Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version supports two functions: access card simulation and virtual traffic card. When there are multiple cards, you can also use a simple offline password between the two NFC cards. Switch quickly.

Also, he has functions such as a barometer, compass, stopwatch, etc., all of which are very useful for outdoor sports, allowing more convenient statistics and recording current geographic information.


Turn on the heart health monitoring mode and turn on the eSIM function. There was an independent GPS-on exercise in the middle, multiple text messages and single calls. After using for 1 day, 1 hour and 40 minutes, the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version consume 64% of battery power. Therefore, it is estimated that under the author’s usage habits, its battery life is about 40 hours.

According to official data, the battery life in heavy use mode is 48 hours. The all-day automatic monitoring mode used by the author is the most power-consuming heart health monitoring mode so that it will be shorter. For longer battery life, lower the frequency of automatic detection.

Fourth, exercise and health: independent GPS + 90 kinds of exercise to assist the full control of blood oxygen and heart rate.

The Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version supports blood oxygen and heart rate detection and exercise assistance functions, leaving no regrets in smartwatches’ health and exercise aspects.

In the setting interface, you can set the frequency of automatic detection of heart rate, pressure, etc. all-weather, and switch functions such as automatic sleep detection. In terms of exercise assistance, it supports automatic recognition of 6 sports modes and can achieve auxiliary recording of up to 90 subdivided sports. With an independent GPS function, it can meet various data requirements during exercise.


The Huami Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version supports all-weather heart rate monitoring. Users can select heart health monitoring, automatic heart rate monitoring, auxiliary sleep monitoring and other modes to obtain different heart rate monitoring frequencies.

We chose the most frequent heart health monitoring this time. After turning it on, the watch will continue to record heart rate throughout the day, and the accuracy of sleep monitoring will also be improved.

Sleep monitoring can use scores to evaluate sleep every night. Also, the scores will be detailed, and the proportion of light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement time will be introduced in detail and reference values ​​for users to adjust their sleep habits. The current Zeep software also supports snoring and dream talk monitoring, but you need a mobile phone to use it.

Select the blood oxygen detection function on the dial, keep the wrist flat, and still for 1 minute to complete the blood oxygen measurement. Daily attention to one’s own blood oxygen level is beneficial to avoid working under low blood oxygen saturation and dizziness. In plain areas, blood oxygen saturation should not be lower than 94%. Otherwise, it will be considered insufficient oxygen supply and need to rest or inhale oxygen in time.

The Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version also supports the PAI health assessment system, which can quantify the amount of exercise required for physical fitness and specific goals, such as how many minutes to keep the heart rate above 100 per day and how long to walk for small tasks. After completing the acquisition of the PAI value, the daily exercise volume can meet the requirements of personal health.


In terms of sports support, the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version also supports intelligent recognition of 6 sports modes and up to 90 subdivided sports modes. Currently, there are only 12 initially built-in modes in the machine, which OTA upgrades will supplement.

The Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version supports independent GPS positioning. It will automatically start to search for stars before starting the exercise. During exercise, it can display exercise time, cadence, heart rate and other information for reference. It can be viewed directly on the watch.

Use the APP to view more refined data. Thanks to the high precision of the independent GPS, the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version can record every change on the route. The paths of detouring pillars and right-angle turns can be accurately reproduced. The chart’s content is the same as that displayed on the watch, and the display of the data on the big screen will be more clear.

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Originally, Huami was good at sports assistance, and its rich sports mode support made it very popular among outdoor athletes. Not only are there standard gadgets for high-end smart wearable devices such as mobile payment, NFC card packs, compasses, and altimeters, but also health support such as blood oxygen and heart rate, plus a unique offline voice + Xiao Ai classmate combination to achieve all-weather free The voice control capability of seam connection, it can be said that Amazfit GTR 2 alone is quite attractive and functionally very complete.

And with the eSIM function, it is even more powerful. The originally exquisite and powerful Amazfit GTR 2 has undoubtedly become more perfect.

In the previous generation, Amazfit GTR 2 can only temporarily run away from the mobile phone; users do not need to hold it but still need to store the mobile phone in the backpack to meet basic needs such as communication. With the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version, you can truly separate man and machine, and the watch can make calls, text messages and network independently. Users can relax and worry-free.

Of course, the cost of the eSIM module is not low, and the price of the perfect Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version has also increased, reaching 1999 yuan. However, among smartwatches that support eSIM, the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version is still the most economical product that follows the traditional watch design style.

It has a high appearance and practical functions, and it does not have the high price premium brought by traditional watch brands. If you are looking for a smartwatch with sports and a need for independent communication, then the Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM version is definitely a choice worth considering.


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