Huami Amazfit Neo Review: All-Rounder For Healthy Sports Functions


Huami released a maverick new product. The style of this watch is quite different from all previous Huami products. There is even an impulse for people to shout “Ye Qinghui”. It is the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch.

Looking at the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, it seems to have opened a time tunnel, which reminds people of the classic “small square” shape in memory. Over the years, the shape of this retro electronic watch is still loved by many people, and it has become one. A unique trend.

Efforts to simplify the shape and digital dial, hard shell, and 50M waterproof design, and Huami’s self-developed BioTracker™ PPG biological tracking optical sensor, which can perform 24-hour heart rate monitoring, achieving “real-time heart rate monitoring” and “excessive heart rate” Early warning, and can realize the automatic detection of arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation, and the PAI health assessment system is also supported.

You can see the shadow of retro classics on the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, but it also has the wisdom of modern technology. It satisfies your pursuit of retro style and durability, and will not lag behind the current smartwatch in terms of functionality.

In terms of pricing, the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch is also very sincere. At a price of 299 yuan, you can get a classic style and smartwatch experience on the wrist. The individual shape, the sturdy and durable shell, the reflective screen is not afraid of the sun outside, it is simply tailored for the pragmatists who like the outdoors. Recently, the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch released, and then we will take a look at its appearance and actual experience in a detailed review.

Amazfit Neo Design & Appearance

The packaging box of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch is very simple, with only product renderings and product names on the front. The front of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch adopts the style of a retro electronic watch, and the screen is a black and white reflective screen, which can clearly see the screen display even in outdoor sunlight.

A close-up of the front of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, you can see that there are four physical buttons on both sides of the watch body. The screen is mainly divided into three areas, the largest part is used to display the time and date, and the two smaller parts are used to display specific functions and corresponding data. The strap is made of polyurethane.

On the back of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, there are two magnetic charging contacts and a PPG sensor in the middle. There is a buzzer to emit a reminder sound, and the opening beside the bottom sensor is the soundhole. Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch comes with a magnetic charging cable, which can be charged through the USB interface around.

Amazfit Neo Functions

Since outdoor use is emphasized in its appearance and design, the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch naturally also needs to take care of outdoor use on the screen. This time it uses a classic black and white reflective screen that supports all-weather display and has extremely low power consumption, high visibility in sunlight, and fluorescent backlight to illuminate content at night.

Due to the special retro dial style, the content displayed by the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch will not be as rich as other smartwatches, but it can also show some basic functions. For example, it can also support dial shortcut functions, and its number is large. There are up to 10 kinds, which is not inferior to ordinary smartwatches.

Among these functions, there are common functions such as alarm clocks and stopwatches, as well as daily health exercise statistics such as heart rate monitoring and step count. It is worth mentioning a moon-shaped icon, which is the Do Not Disturb mode setting option of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, which can be switched between on, off, and smart mode through physical buttons.

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch supports mobile phone message notification function, but it cannot display the content of the notification, only the number of notifications to be viewed. You must use the APP of Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch to view more detailed content and get extra Features. Need to be reminded that the companion APP of Huami Watch has now been renamed, Zepp.

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch supports heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, PAI health assessment system, and other functions, but most of the function entrances are set in the APP, and the APP needs to be opened to start or view the results.

1. Sleep monitoring

The sleep monitoring of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch can record deep sleep and light sleep. After the auxiliary sleep monitoring is turned on, the accuracy of the sleep monitoring function of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch will be further improved, and rapid eye movement (REM) will be added to the sleep data. Statistics of the length of time, the data of daytime naps will also be recorded.

In addition, the sleep data of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch supports a superimposed display of heart rate data, which can combine sleep status and heart rate changes to have a better understanding of your physical condition at night.

2. Heart rate monitoring

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch is equipped with the BioTracker™ PPG object tracking optical sensor developed by Hua Mi, which can realize 24-hour heart rate monitoring. In the settings, the frequency of heart rate detection can also be set to obtain different accuracy and endurance performance. In the APP, the heart rate status of different time periods is marked, which can better understand the physical status of the day.

3. Exercise auxiliary recording

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch supports three sports modes: running, walking, and cycling. The function entrances are all set in the APP. You need to slide out the function bar on the bottom of the APP main interface to see the related functions.

During exercise, the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch will assist in recording speed, cadence, heart rate, and other data, while the path data is provided by the mobile phone GPS. The interfaces of the watch will also change, showing exercise time, heart rate, and pace, and there will be small functions such as reminders per kilometer.

After the exercise is over, you can view the detailed statistical results on the APP interface. The path, pace, heart rate, stride, etc. will be displayed in the form of charts, which is easy to understand.

4. PAI Health Assessment System

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch supports the PAI health assessment system. It can generate an exclusive health goal for each person based on physiological data such as a person’s age, weight, gender, etc. If you complete this goal every day, you can get the corresponding PAI vitality index.

The PAI vitality index is different from the traditional one. It uses step counting and exercise time to calculate scores, but combines heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors, etc. to comprehensively record all exercises in a day. There are even specific exercises, time, and intensity suggestions in the APP, which can use the fragmented time to produce the best exercise effect.

Endurance performance

According to the official display, the Amazfit Neo smartwatch can last for up to 28 days in standby mode, but it is necessary to change the detection mode to automatic heart rate detection and turn off functions such as raising the wrist to brighten the screen.

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The retro and classic Amazfit Neo smartwatch is absolutely unique in the current market. It combines the classic design of retro electronic watches, plus quick functions such as sports and health popular in smartwatches today.

This kind of external retro and internal advancement represents the perfect fusion of classic aesthetics and modern technology, forming a brand-new trend style.

Going deep into its internal functions, Huami uses PPG sensors and acceleration sensors to provide sports and health functions that are the same as other smartwatches. Although limited by the display capabilities of the screen, many functions require APP to start or view, but from the results See, the data is still accurate and valid for reference; quick information such as temperature and number of steps can also bring convenience to daily life.

The function is not inferior to the products of the same generation, but the shape has a special design. Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch and its many brothers and sisters have the same mission, that is, while meeting the unique aesthetic needs of appearance, continue to use Huami Mi’s technical advantages in sports and health use technology to connect health.

So, if you have a soft spot for this “retro-style”, then it is better to try the classic style of smart “electronic watch” Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch. The price of 299 yuan is as honest as always, the original electronic screen experience and the sports and health assistance that keep up with the times can meet your pursuit of retro personality and practical functions. It is better to start with the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch. Have a good wave of nostalgia.


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