Huami Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2 And Sports Smartwatch 2S Officially Release


yesterday, as expected, Huami presented the second generation of smartwatches. At this time, the clock received 2 versions – Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2 and 2S. The latter is additional premium and more expensive.


These watches have kept around design from the predecessor. The body is made of carbon fiber and polycarbonate, reinforced with fiberglass. The tinted 2.5d-glass is framed by a ceramic frame. The control buttons are manufactured from 316L stainless-steel. The Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2S differs from the standard version with a stronger sapphire screen and a leather strap. a less expensive version of the watch has a rubber strap.


The main feature of this watch is their moisture resistance. they’re able to stand up to immersion up to 50 meters. because of this, Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2 and 2S are perfect for training within the pool and even in open water. The clock won’t solely count your physical activity within the water but conjointly suggest what mistakes you make when swimming. additionally to training within the water, there are 10 different modes, such as running and walking outdoors, indoor horse riding, treadmill, elliptical car, mountain climbing, and others. in the future, it’s conjointly planned to add sports such as football, golf, and tennis.

Unlike its predecessor, the new watch has additional autonomy. With GPS tracking enabled, Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2 and 2S will run 35 hours. there’s conjointly a function of round-the-clock monitoring of heart rate.With the clock, you’ll control the music player and different smart home devices Xiaomi, as well as make payments within the Alipay system. the possibility to watch received calls and other notifications on your smartphone, track your sleep, check the weather and set an alarm clock, has not disappeared anywhere.


As for the worth, Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2 can be purchased for 999 yuan ($ 151), they’re already available for pre-order. Amazfit Sports Smartwatch 2S received a better worth – 1499 yuan ($ 226), though you’ll solely buy them after January 9th.

Update: Geekbuying starts to presell it with coupon code: HUAMIWATCH2 at 214.99usd.


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