Huami Zepp Z: The New Series of Amazfit will Launching on Nov 17th


Huami Technology will master the advanced motion sensor technology brand ZEPP under the revenue. In August this year, Chinese rice technology to restart the brand product line, and released a new smartwatch, E Zepp. Subsequently, the Amazfit App was upgraded and renamed, and it was stated that in order to further bring you a more comprehensive and professional health management experience, Amazfit App officially changed its name to Zepp App from August 25, 2020, and updated the software icon simultaneously. Recently, foreign media released the news that Huami Technology shared a new trailer in foreign media, confirming that it will launch Huami Zepp Z series smartwatches on November 17. From the trailer, this new product will adopt a classic design and a round dial.

At present, the brand official has not announced more information on the configuration and price. What we can still judge from the trailer is that this watch uses a metal body design, there are two buttons on the right side of the watch, and it is equipped with a leather strap, and the thickness is not as thin as Zepp E.

In terms of functions, according to the configuration of Zepp E, perhaps the new product can be equipped with at least the same configuration, including heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, pressure, and a wealth of exercise monitoring functions. As for more upgrades, we look forward to more surprises at the press conference.

In China, people may know very little about Huami Zepp Z. In fact, Zepp already has certain brand recognition in the North American market. The original brand’s feature is mainly to accurately analyze the wearer’s golf and baseball swings. After the acquisition, Huami rebuilt Zepp with its own concept of smart wear and launched the new product Zepp E.

The upcoming Z series is therefore considered to be the second generation of new products. This series of actions by Huami Technology not only shows its ambition to enter the North American market but also begins to layout in the health field that has attracted more and more attention.

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This year’s Double 11 War is divided into two games, and it started on November 1. Many brands have released new products before and after. Naturally, Huami will not miss this opportunity. However, combined with the release time of the Zepp Z series, this is more like a warm-up for Black Friday in the United States. So, let us boldly guess that the main target group of this new product may still be in the overseas market.


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