HUAWEI 13MP Plug And Play 360 Degree Panoramic Camera Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Huawei launched a portable panoramic camera with just 30 grams, smartphone, portable panoramic camera. With the new smartphone enhancement, 360-degree 13-megapixel pictures and full HD videos, as well as surround-backs supporting virtual reality, can be made. The first introduced feature is a 360 Degree Panorama Camera, which is based on Honor cameras. There are two 13MPx Cameras on it, which together capture 360-degree photos and videos. Compared to the Samsung camera, it works a little differently, you can notice the USB-C connector at the bottom. It is there because it has to be connected to the phone.


The Huawei 360 Panorama Camera is among the smallest in our pocket and even in our palm. It has an all-in-one smartphone with USB Type-C connectivity, running at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but also the Huawei EnVizion 360 application, which will be available at the same time as the Play Store. The Huawei 360 panorama camera is equipped with two 270-degree wide-angle F1.8 aperture lens, Sony’s image sensor, and a professional I-CATCH V35 image processor. Not only can high-definition 13-megapixel images, but full HD videos can be made in 1920×960 and 1280×640 pixels. The 270 degrees ultra wide angle will bring you an ultra-wide view angle and capture more delicate and clear pictures. The maximum resolution of the photos is 5326 x 2688 pixels and the video can be 1920 x 960 (30fps) or 1280 x 640 (30fps). In the small gadget, there is an I-CATCH V35 image processing unit, which is responsible for fitting the photos captured by the two cameras.


Depending on the subject of the panorama camera, it can be used in many exciting modes: the moment can be captured in perspective, fish, planet, or VR (virtual reality) mode. When using VR mode, you can take shots that can be used to create a virtual space where you can move with VR glasses. Huawei’s new smartphone add-on USB 2.0 Type-C connectors allows you to connect to many devices, compatible with all phones and tablets running Android 6.0 or higher. Photos, videos, and photos with panorama cameras can be shared with one click instantly. You can handle the camera through the screen and set the right perspective on it. To adjust to the various environments, it comes with multiple shooting modes: Support perspective, fisheye view, asteroid, crystal ball; Support gyroscope, VR, finger drag to view. The Huawei panorama camera captures unique 360 ??° imagery or video. With the USB C connector, you can connect the camera to any USB OTG-enabled smart-phone and create perfect shots full of crisp and clear detail.


The Huawei 360 Panoramic Camera is a handy gadget for your smartphone. You click the bottom of your phone, download the app, and you’re ready to capture everything in 360 degrees! The CV60 works with any smartphone and tablet that has a USB-C connection and Android 6.0 or higher. Via the Huawei EnVizion 360 app, you can control the camera and set it up easily. Well, so handy! The camera takes photos at a resolution of 5326 x 2688 pixels and can shoot in 1920 x 960. A special processor is built to process the photos and videos. Right Now you can buy from Geekbuying at $174.99 if you Use this Coupon Code: HUAWEICAM


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