Huawei Band B6 Wrist Earphones Review: 2 in 1 Smartwrist with Earphones


The Huawei Band B6 Smartwrist has undergone a comprehensive upgrade on the basis of the previous work, and it officially debuted today. In terms of price, the sports model is 999 yuan, the fashion model is 1199 yuan, and the exclusive model is 1499 yuan.

Huawei Band B6 began to pursue a more beautiful 3D curved large-size screen, and finally included the self-developed Kirin A1 chip, and the wireless connection was upgraded to the latest Bluetooth 5.2 protocol. The dual-device connection that Huawei Band B5 users have been worried about for a long time has finally returned. , The charging port keeps pace with the times and is Type C.

What remains the same is the exquisite appearance. The sports version strap is made of high-end TPU material, the business version leather strap is made of cowhide, and the fashion version still uses a metal strap. In other respects, the Huawei bracelet can achieve 8 hours of long battery life after Bluetooth connection.

Now we have also got the business version of this bracelet. After a period of trial and play, we have a lot of feelings about this product. Let me share with you our experience with this product.

Huawei Band B6 Design & Appearance

The B series of Huawei bracelets almost always provide three different designs of sports version, business version, and fashion version, which can be selected according to the wearing needs of different consumers in different application scenarios. What I got is the business version of the Mocha brown strap.

The bottom support is matched with champagne gold, which is a color that is only possible on high-end bracelets, otherwise, there will be a sense of violation. It often represents low-key, elegant, this is a color that can appear on any occasion, and it makes a mature expression.

The business version is a leather strap with full leather inside and outside, and a semi-covered 3D styling precision stitching design. In terms of materials and workmanship, there is no obvious gap with some high-end watches I have experienced. After putting it on, the breathability and sweat absorption are good, and even if the temperature is quite high these days, it can still be comfortable.

The screen is where almost every work in the series is an improving-the the screen of the Huawei Band B3 is only 0.7 inches, and it has reached 1.13 inches by the B5. The display area of ​​this generation of Huawei Band B6 has reached 1.53 inches. It can be seen that the leap-forward improvement between generations is maintained at a level of nearly 50%, and the steps are quite large.

It is worth mentioning that the screen pixel density of Huawei Band B6 has reached 326PPI and supports adaptive brightness adjustment.

The curved screen is the iconic feature of this series which is quite different from other bracelets. The screen of the previous work has only 2.5D curved surface, this work has reached the 3D level, that is, the arc is higher, and with the metal base, it has a clear sense of quality. Observed by the author, there is an anti-fingerprint coating on the glass surface to prevent contamination. Here you can also see that Huawei bracelet B6 has added a blood oxygen sensor, which can measure blood oxygen saturation.

The dial types of Huawei Band B6 are very rich, and each one is made very delicately, rather than simply changing the picture background.

3. Exclusive functional experience: It is a bracelet and a headset
About Kirin A1 chip

The replacement of the self-developed Kirin A1 chip is an important upgrade of the Huawei bracelet B6. This makes it better to integrate into the Huawei ecology and to obtain stronger performance and lower power consumption to provide a platform for daily operation.

Just as Huawei’s smartphone business relied on the self-developed Kirin SoC processor to rise, Huawei’s smart wearable products have also embarked on the path of self-developed chips. The Kirin A1 chip was first launched at the end of last year on Huawei Freebuds 3 headsets and Watch GT2 watches.

The Kirin A1 chip completely contains all the constituent elements such as AP, RAM, Bluetooth, DSP, sensor matrix, power management module, etc. It is the world’s first Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy dual-mode wearable chip certified by the Bluetooth 5.1 standard and has high integration Degree of 3+1 modular architecture: Bluetooth processing unit, audio processing unit, App processor and independent power management unit.

Call experience
The absolute king in the high-end field! The first evaluation of Huawei Band B6: Wrist Earphone/Health Butler

The realization of the call function of Huawei Band B6 relies on the attributes of both Bluetooth headsets. In daily life, Bluetooth headsets are stored in the bottom bracket on the wrist in the form of the band host, which is convenient to carry and use at any time.

When a call comes in, directly tap the bottom support button, the magnetic sleeve reacts quickly and pops up, so the main body of the bracelet becomes a Bluetooth headset, and the headset can be placed on the ear to answer the call. Slide your finger up and down on the screen to adjust the volume, put it back on the bottom to hang up the phone.

Huawei Band B6 supports the display of call records, you can search the call records to make calls, or you can synchronize the contacts collected by the Huawei Sports Health APP to the bracelet, and it is more convenient to make contact calls directly on the headset of the bracelet.

If the headset is not on the base and you want to quickly return a call, then double-click the headset power button to make the last call in the current call record. At the end of the call, when you put the headset into the bottom holder, you only need to press it lightly, and the magnet on the bottom holder will quickly attract the headset to its place, and you can operate blindly without having to stare at the whole process. It is very convenient to answer the phone when it is inconvenient to drive or ride.

Communication has always been Huawei’s strengths, and the experience is unsurprising. In various environments, the audio optimization algorithm based on the Kirin A1 platform is combined with the dual MIC balance noise reduction algorithm. The calling process will not be affected by wind noise and environmental noise. Big impact. It is worth mentioning that SIG only announced the new Bluetooth core specification CoreSpec5.2 at the beginning of 2020, and now it has received the first support of Huawei Band B6.

In terms of the earphone wearing experience, because the earmuffs are designed with a non-in-ear auricle fitting design and a soft liquid silicone material, they are also quite comfortable and hygienic to wear.

Support dual device connection
About charging and battery life

Times are changing, and the Type C charging interface is also popularized on the Huawei bracelet B6. This means that there is no need to prepare a special charging cable for the bracelet.

Lasted 63 hours and 10 minutes

At 12:29 am on the 14th, the author started to record the battery life of the Huawei Band B6 when it was fully charged. At 3:39 pm on the 16th, after 63 hours and 10 minutes, the remaining battery power was 54%.

It should be noted that during the experience test, the author turned on large power consumers such as scientific sleep and continuous heart rate measurement. In addition, the function that increased power consumption such as raising the wrist and brightening the screen was also turned on by the author. During the period, social software prompts continued.

According to Huawei’s official data, the current Huawei Band B6 can achieve 8 hours of battery life, charging for ten minutes, and talking for four hours.

Huawei Band B6 Function Experience
Let’s first experience the new function that Huawei bracelet brings: blood oxygen detection.

Before starting the experience, let’s first understand what we are actually checking when we check blood oxygen? Why should we check blood oxygen?

First of all, blood oxygen saturation is the five most critical health indicators for the human body alongside heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and temperature. Blood oxygen saturation can reflect the oxygen supply status. If the blood oxygen content is low, it is easy to cause symptoms such as fatigue, sleepiness, lack of energy, and memory loss. The long-term insufficient blood oxygen content can also cause damage to the brain, heart, and other organs. Especially for snoring people, excessive mental workers, elderly people, people in high mountains/altitude hypoxia environment should pay attention to this.

Severe mental and manual laborers like the author who are confused in their work and rest are the key targets of blood oxygen saturation testing. But fortunately, due to the relatively better rest recently, I have used the Huawei Band B6 to measure blood oxygen levels basically above 97%. If the blood oxygen reaches 89%-70%, you need to reduce your activity and pay more attention to rest.

The way to measure blood oxygen with Huawei Band B6 is very simple. Click on it to start the measurement in the band function options, and keep still, and wear the band correctly with the screen facing up.

Then Huawei Band B6 uses the characteristics of different reflection and absorption rates of oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin for specific light to perform signal extraction, and obtain the pulse oximetry data result through the algorithm.

The previous measurement results will be displayed in the form of cards in the sports and health App supporting the Huawei Band B6. It can be seen that the author’s blood oxygen saturation is within the normal range today, who has relatively adequate rest and a good balance between work and rest.

The user can set up a continuous heart rate test in the software, and the real-time heart rate data will be directly viewed after the function is turned on. Huawei Band B6 supports Huawei TruSeen heart rate technology, which can detect exercise heart rate, 24-hour continuous heart rate, resting heart rate, etc., and there will be reminders when the heart rate rises, so that users can know their heart rate status at any time.

Heart Health Research App

Huawei bracelet B6 supports the heart health research plan and sleep apnea research of the 301 Hospital. The accurate heart rate monitoring function of the bracelet is combined with the heart health research app. Through professional algorithms and technical analysis, the detection results of arrhythmia can be obtained.

You only need to download the “Heart Health Research” app from the application market that comes with Huawei’s mobile phone and use it with the Huawei Band B6 to join the heart health research plan.

In terms of sleep monitoring, it uses the HUAWEI TrueSleep sleep monitoring algorithm based on heart rate and motion sensors, which can automatically identify the tester’s falling asleep time and out-of-sleep time, and determine the tester’s sleep state (including light sleep, deep sleep, REM Rapid eye movement, and wakefulness), give suggestions for sleep improvement.

Not only can the overall sleep quality score be given, but also the overall sleep improvement suggestions. Huawei Band B6 will also give scores based on the proportion of deep sleep, light sleep, continuous sleep, and other items, and give suggestions for each improvement.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei Band B6 also supports invisible light to monitor heart rate and sleep, so as to avoid the embarrassment of being tested by green light to affect sleep when monitoring sleep with the band.

Experience of sports function

Huawei Band B6 supports 9 typical sports modes-outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, indoor walking, elliptical machine, rowing machine.

The reason for the more detailed exercise mode is that we have different physical conditions in different sports. Based on this situation, we have optimized the algorithm and the test is more accurate. This also reflects the professionalism of Huawei Band B6 to a certain extent. In addition to outdoor riding, you can start exercise directly from the device without the App client, eliminating the trouble of taking out your mobile phone.

In the process of running out, you can view your current exercise data in real-time, including running distance, accumulated time, heart rate and pace information, and other important data.

After the author personally experienced during the use process, I found that this approach is very convenient for the author to control the exercise status in real-time, no need to take out the mobile phone to open the App and assist in the autonomous distribution of load during running.

Dynamic trajectory

It is worth mentioning that the latest version of Huawei Sports Health App already supports viewing and saving dynamic exercise trajectory charts.

In addition, to exercise trajectory, you can also view the speedometer per kilometer, heart rate curve/distribution, detailed data table, etc. on the App, and fully understand the effect of your exercise during the exercise.

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Huawei Band B6 Verdict

Combining our experience with the series of works of past generations, we can find that, as a thousand-yuan product, the main users of B6 and even previous generations of products are obviously high-end people. The characteristics of these consumers are that they care about the value of the product, especially It can be worn in various places.

Therefore, in terms of materials and craftsmanship, we see that the priority of Huawei bracelet B6 is to ensure the appearance of high-end atmosphere-champagne metal backing, inner and outer full leather half-covered 3D-shaped precision stitching strap, really hard work, Completely separated from the user’s perception of the appearance of traditional wristbands, in terms of materials and workmanship, there is no obvious gap with some high-end watches that I have experienced.

Huawei Band B6 has also done more extreme processing on the screen curvature that users perceive more strongly-2.5D upgrade to a 3D curved surface, the screen display area has increased by about 50% on the basis of the previous work.

The unique selling point of TalkBand series products is the combination of Bluetooth headset and the smart bracelet, which solves the pain point that Bluetooth headsets are usually difficult to store and easy to lose. This is an irresistible attraction for users who have a lot of call needs, and it is the key to retaining the “loyal users”: when a call comes, press the bottom support button, the magnetic headset pops up, and the earphone automatically answers, Put it back on the base and hang up the phone, which is very practical and convenient when driving.

This work is equipped with the self-developed Kirin A1 chip, which completely covers all the constituent elements of AP, RAM, Bluetooth, DSP, sensor matrix, power management module, and so on. It is the world’s first Bluetooth/low energy certified Bluetooth 5.1 standard. The Bluetooth dual-mode wearable chip allows Huawei Band B6 to be the first to receive the support of the new Bluetooth core specification CoreSpec5.2, as well as the audio optimization algorithm based on the Kirin A1 platform and the dual MIC balance noise reduction algorithm, which significantly improves the experience of the call process. After the continuous optimization of previous works, the core function experience of TalkBand has been very stable and perfect when it developed to the previous B5.

Now Huawei Band B6 is obviously investing in more extensive sports and health fields. Therefore, we see that the Huawei Band B6 is by no means satisfied with basic functions such as traditional step counting, but further expands the breadth and depth of health management. In particular, the heart rate monitoring function is linked to authoritative medical institutions such as 301 Hospital, achieving far more than mobile APP and Accuracy and professionalism of some competing products.

As a smart wearable product with great advantages in health management functions, the Huawei Band B6 is more eye-catching to enter the field of blood oxygen saturation detection, and it also marks that it has completed the three major areas of blood oxygen detection, heart rate detection, and sleep monitoring. Comprehensive coverage of important functions that users care about.

Of course, compared to the past, Huawei Band B6 has more complete support for sports functions-it already supports outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, indoor walking, elliptical machine, and rowing. machine.

In general, quality and ease of use are still the core of Huawei Band B6’s solid and high-end absolute king. On this basis, complete, complete, and increasingly professional health sports management has gradually grown into competitiveness. There is no doubt that this is the best “healthy bracelet that can make calls” that the entire industry can provide to users.


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