Huawei Children’s Watch 5X Will be Released Soon With Dual Screen


Today, Huawei officially announced that it will launch a new generation of the Children’s Watch 5X series, and showed the appearance of the new product through a teaser. It can be seen from the teaser that the new watch adopts a detachable design, and the display dial can be flipped and replaced, which is equivalent to having two watches with one strap.

Among them, the watch supports a double-sided display, one side is a color display screen, and the other side is a traditional black and white LCD screen, and both sides are equipped with cameras, which can meet the needs of video calls when disassembling and changing sides.

In terms of functions, although Huawei terminal officials have not disclosed too much, but combined with the poster’s slogan “safety protection, more than one side” and Huawei’s iterative upgrade of children’s watches, the new Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series will undoubtedly continue focus on positioning technology, information security protection, and other fields to further meet the protection needs of parents and make parents more at ease.

As we know, Huawei Kids Watch 3X, Huawei has a built-in 5-mode and 15-frequency network standard, which supports 4G full Netcom. Pixel’s high-definition video calls allow parents to communicate with their children anytime, anywhere, bringing easier parent-child communication.

So, can expect that the Huawei Children’s Watch 5X series should also carry out further upgrades on this function, bringing more convenient and stable communication services, and further ensuring the safety of children.

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