Huawei D9 Smartphone Specs Unveiled: Kirin 965 and 5.1 inch Screen


As you know, Huawei D series aims at high-end smartphones, but Huawei still haven’t released a popular smartphone in this series. Obviously, although Huawei has been through many failure, they still move on this series, this time Huawei has leaked its Huawei D9 smartphone, and it will be the evolution Edition of Huawei Magic confirmed by Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong. Huawei will add more concept black technology on this smartphone.

In fact, we have seen much black technology on Huawei Magic. It should be Huawei Super Charge technology, reaching 40W charging speed. In 56th battery conference from Japan, Huawei uses latest graphene to achieve charging 3000mAh battery in 5 minutes to support 48% power. But it hasn’t used on Huawei Magic. So according to Huawei official, Huawei D9 will use this kind of battery.

The other surprise on Huawei Magic is that Huawei Magic uses latest smart OS, Magic Live OS, which can adjust and optimize according to users’ habits and environment. Huawei Magic can supporting fast key in turning on the flashlight automatically which can save time. This kind of smart OS will be possible to use on Huawei D9, so the new name should call Magic Live 2. In all, Huawei D9 will be worthwhile to look forward.

In addition, Huawei D9 will use Kirin 965 processor probably, Kirin 965 processor will improve the speed of GPU deeply, and it will adopt 5.1 inch screen with saving power function. As for battery, it should be built in 3,500mAh. Therefore, let’s stay tuned for this other Huawei magic phone.


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