Huawei EMUI 11 officially Released: New UX Design, 50 Phones Updates


Huawei Developer Conference 2020 was held today, and the EMUI 11 system was officially released. Huawei’s EMUI 11 system is officially released. New UX design, multi-screen collaboration, and then upgrade, will be adapted to more than 50 Huawei mobile phones

The EMUI 11 system has three main highlights: art for people, AOD renewed and immersed in art themes; suitable for people, smooth motion in one mirror, natural and comfortable gesture navigation, multi-sensory coordinated sound and vibration; easy for people, wisdom Multi-window, multi-screen collaborative keyboard, and mouse sharing.

In UX design, EMUI 11 not only brings many art style themes and DIY AOD, but also introduces a more comprehensive “smart multi-window”, and in terms of dynamic effects and multi-sensory collaboration, it brings users a new audiovisual Touch interactive experience. In terms of motion design, EMUI11 puts the “one mirror to the end” in the movie into the mobile phone, allowing the user’s vision and interaction to be more focused and bringing more efficient operations.

EMUI 11 draws on the distributed technology of Hongmeng 2.0, which can realize the interconnection of more different devices. EMUI11 is an innovative full-scene application that can realize multi-screen interaction. The multi-screen collaboration function of EMUI 11 has been further upgraded.

The multi-window content of the mobile application can also be opened on the computer. For example, you can play the live video of the online class through one window, and open the memo in the other window to record the key points of the teacher. This window can also interact with friends, exchange online class content or occasionally reply to work information.

In addition, EMUI 11 supports PC tablet collaboration. Users can not only edit the documents of the tablet interface through the PC keyboard and mouse but also mark and draw directly with the stylus. For example, in a meeting, you can drag and drop the displayed document onto the tablet interface, which can be conveniently displayed and explained through the tablet and can also be marked and modified directly on the tablet at the same time. The improvement of office efficiency is obvious.

Because of the shared distributed technology, mobile phones equipped with EMUI 11 can quickly connect with HarmonyOS smart home devices, bringing a convenient experience of fast network distribution, intelligent interaction, and direct service.

As early as EMUI10, the TEE OS security kernel obtained the CC EAL5 + security level certification, the highest security level of the global commercial OS kernel. EMUI 10.1 is the first mobile terminal operating system in China to pass China’s CC EAL4 + certification.

In terms of privacy, EMUI 11 has added photo-sharing desensitization and privacy memo functions. Photo sharing desensitization function, users can choose to erase the photo’s address, time, and equipment when sending photos to friends through Huawei sharing. Privacy memo, the user can encrypt a single note in the memo, and the content can be viewed after passing the identity verification, which better protects your little secrets.

EMUI 11’s Changlian function has also been further upgraded to support Changlian personification interaction and Changlian screen sharing. In terms of AI function, the EMUI 11AI subtitle function supports real-time translation of English, Japanese and Korean, making it easier to follow the drama; system-level translation, supporting text, and picture translation on-click.

EMUI 11 officially opened BETA today, 10 models including Huawei P40, Mate 30, and MatePad Pro series can be upgraded, and upgrades for more models such as Honor 30/V30 and nova 7 will start soon. Huawei said that EMUI 11 will be adapted to more than 50 Huawei mobile phones, with an estimated installed capacity of over 200 million units, and an expected 90% upgrade rate.

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Huawei also stated that users who upgrade EMUI 11 will have priority to u. That’s all we get from the sources if you want to aware more updates you can follow iGeekPhone and Stay tuned:


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