Huawei Enjoys 20 Concept: MediaTek Processor, Water Drop Screen Design, Rear Dual Camera


Huawei phones will also bring us new mid-range and low-end products in the near future. This product will be named Huawei Enjoy 20, and the new phone will adopt a new design. , But overall it is quite similar to the previous Huawei Changxiang 10. At present, the relevant information of the phone has been confirmed, then let’s take a look at this time what the new Huawei Enjoy 20 Phone will look like!


Huawei Enjoy 20 will adopt a new appearance design solution. In the front design of the new phone, Huawei Enjoy 20 adopts a new waterdrop screen design solution. The screen ratio of the front of the new phone has also been greatly improved. The edge of the phone is also well-controlled, and the frontal performance of the whole phone is still amazing, but compared to the mainstream flagship phone, Enjoy 20 series is quite ordinary, but considering the positioning of the phone, this is understandable.

In the back design of the new phone, the Huawei Enjoy 20 will use a rear dual-camera combination, and the dual-camera is expected to adopt a vertical alignment combination. This design is also the mainstream of the current mobile phone market. The visual effects on the back of the whole phone are still sold. Yes, the back of the new phone is made of glass and looks very stunning. In terms of the overall design of the new phone, Enjoy 20 will continue the design of the Huawei family, and the appearance of the new phone is even better.


The Huawei Enjoy 20 will be equipped with the Helio P35 chip from MediaTek. The performance of this processor is relatively good, but unfortunately. The phone does not seem to support 5G network functions. In terms of the memory combination of the new phone. Enjoy 20 will start with a 6GB + 64GB memory combination. The new phone will have a maximum of 6GB + 128GB memory combination. Which is also in line with the positioning of the phone.


In the new camera combination. Huawei Enjoy 20 will be equipped with a single 20 Megapixels. A single 12 Megapixel dual-camera combination. And on the front camera of the new phone, the phone will be equipped with a single 12 MegaPixel front camera. This kind of camera combination is still very mainstream in the low-end phone market. In terms of other configurations of the new phone. Enjoy 20 will support fingerprint recognition, fast charging and facial recognition.

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In terms of the release time of the new phone, Huawei Enjoy 20 Phone is expected to be officially released in the first half of this year, but we have not yet confirmed the specific release time of the phone, but it should not be far from the release of the phone. In terms of the price of the new phone, Enjoy 20 will be positioned in the mid-range market. The price of the new phone is also very attractive. The new Enjoy 20 starts. The price will be 1099 yuan. But the final price of the new phone will not be known until the new phone is released.


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