Huawei FLMG-10 Sound X 2021 bluetooth 5.0 50W Subwoofer Smart Speaker (Review)


The Huawei FLMG-10 Sound X is an upmarket Bluetooth remote speaker, co-designing with French Hi-Fi diva Devialet. . It’s actually made as a team with the notable sound brand and means to offer huge 360-degree sound for your home without burning through every last dollar.

Huawei FLMG-10 Sound X


While the Sound is more modest than the Sound X, the principal thing I saw getting it out of the crate was exactly how weighty it is. That is commonly a decent sign for a speaker as large incredible drivers utilize substantial magnets, however at 2.2kg it’s a monster and probably won’t be reasonable on the off chance that you have an unstable rack. The Sound X is bigger and heavier than the normal brilliant speaker, yet not punishingly so. We wouldn’t put one on our work area, yet it’s with regards to appropriate for a little parlor.

Huawei FLMG-10 Sound X

Also, Huawei FLMG-10 Sound X completion is a sparkle dark, recognized by a round grille base which ensures a numerous variety of drivers. Altogether there are eight drivers ready: twin 89mm subwoofers, and that circle of six 38mm full-officers.

Huawei FLMG-10 Sound X


Huawei FLMG-10 Sound X can utilize the Sound like a fundamental Bluetooth speaker. Also, you are passing up different elements by not utilizing the AI Life application. Also, This furnishes you with elective methods of associating just as different elements like diverse sound profiles just as a dial committed to controlling the bass. OneHop allows you to tap your telephone on the speaker to associate, which is the technique I utilized the most. You will require a telephone with NFC obviously, and it merits calling attention to here that the Huawei Sound doesn’t at present help Apple AirPlay.

Huawei FLMG-10 Sound X

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