Huawei Honor 20i Review: 32 Megapixels AI Self-Timer Artifact


As before, this Huawei Honor 20 series first-generation Honor 20i is still the main selfie and used the front 32 million cameras ahead of the thousand yuan phone, which is the highest pixel front camera on the market, at a glance See the dazzling highlights. it is worth mentioning that the rear camera is also quite powerful this time. Even the eye-catching mobile phone’s exclusive super wide-angle three-shot and other eye-catching configurations have been released to the Honor of the 20i.

On the other hand, as expected, the Honor 20i that follows the trend changes the popular pearl screen design in the shape. It is believed that, like the previous works, it will become the new wave of the youth group that loves self-portraits.

Design & Appearance

The Honor 20i includes the previous control of the appearance of the mobile phone. The Honor 20i has introduced three colors: Gradient Red, Gradient Blue, and Magic Night Black. The gradient red and gradient blue are combined with the gradient color design. Looking at the front of the fuselage, the Honor 20i uses a 6.21-inch full-screen pearl screen, which accounts for more than 90% of the screen. As for the resolution, it has also reached the mainstream FHD+. In addition, this mobile phone has passed the German Rhine Eye certification as well as other models of Honor, which protects both eyes while achieving good visual effects.

Then look at the top of the phone, the Honor 20i uses a multi-sensor fusion design with a catheter-like micro-monitoring and proximity/ambient light. The black ink is covered to make it look simpler and more integrated. After the experience, the author found that the design of the micro earpiece can ensure the volume and effect of the earpiece, and at the same time achieve the perfect symmetry of the front.

This is the chin of the Honor 20i mobile phone. It is not difficult to find that the area of ​​the chin part has also been reduced, echoing the narrow frame design of the other three sides. Finally, the rounded R angle makes the whole screen look natural and in one go. Then look at the back of the phone, continuing the previous generation of fingerprint identification design. In addition, Honor of mobile phones has been developing trend color matching for mobile phones for several years. This Honor 20i uses a glare gradient design to blend different colors into the back shell for a soft transition.

At different angles, you can see the many delicate textures covered by the back cover of the fuselage, and there is a glare effect that is accompanied by light and shadow.

In addition to the gradient blue, this Honor 20i also has a matching color such as night black and gradient red. It can be said that Honor 20i has well continued the genes of the high value of the previous generations, and visually choose any one of them to take any Honor 20i out of the street, and can quickly blend into the trend of fashion.

This is the middle frame of the fuselage, it is very round, and it is smoothly connected with the glass cover of the screen and the 3D curved body backboard. When you hold it every day, you can feel the comfort of this design. The fit of the hand. For the audience to listen to the song more conveniently, the Honor 20i retains the 3.5mm headphone jack. From the right to the bottom of the phone are: headphone jack, Micro USB port, and speakers.

The phone slots that you have seen before are mostly on the side, and they have been placed on the bottom. This is the top of the fuselage of the Honor 20i, the SIM card slot was moved here due to the structure of the phone. Looking at the card slot, you can see that it can place a nano-SIM card, and the other card slot is a nano card or a microSD card. If you choose the latter, it supports up to 512GB of extended storage. Take pictures: the first 32MP self-timer artifacts after the Honor of the wide-angle three-shot


Honor 20i and its predecessor products have always taken photos as a highlight, especially for self-portraits. In order to achieve the same self-portrait effect at the same price, the effort in hardware and software is quite solid.

Specifically, the Honor 20i front is equipped with a 32-megapixel lens, using a 1/2.75-inch CMOS sensor, through the 4-in-1 light fusion technology, the equivalent pixel reaches 1.6μm, combined with the stereoscopic beauty algorithm, can bring Come to a good selfie effect.

Through the camera interface, it can be seen that the Honor 20i’s 32 Megapixels AI self-timer can detect and capture the face in real time, and support the play mode such as blur, light effect, especially AI beauty.

  • Sufficient sunshine during the day (the portrait is not open)
  • Backlighting self-timer proofs (unopened portrait)
  • Self-timer proofs at night (open portrait)

Through our self-timer proofs shot in the sun, in the backlit environment, and in the nighttime environment, we can clearly feel that as the first mobile phone equipped with a front-facing 32-megapixel camera, the Honor 20i is designed in new camera hardware. Under the support of the beauty program, the self-timer can be processed according to the face, gender, age and other information of the younger brother in the picture, so that the self-photograph can retain more details in terms of details and facial features, and get a fine enough beauty optimization.

Circular fill light

And even at night, there is no background exposure or a dark face. This is thanks to the ring fill light technology, supplemented by Honor own beauty algorithm, which can intelligently identify dark scenes. After the ring fill light is activated, the portrait and its background can be processed very well.

In this way, various scenes such as daytime, backlighting, and nighttime can be beautifully photographed.

It can be said that the hardware and software synergy makes the Honor 20i self-timer different from other models. On the hardware level, the Honor 20i is equipped with the current 32MP front lenses, which can achieve poster-level printing.

At the software level, Honor is optimized for the self-timer algorithm as shown above. It can realize thousands of people, light correction, and can also be used for lipstick color correction. I believe it will be popular among female users.

Daytime proofs

On the back side, Honor 20i also carried out a fruitful upgrade. It is equipped with a 34-inch main camera + AI super wide-angle lens + a virtual camera to form a three-camera module. The main photo is responsible for the high-definition presentation details.

As for the wide-angle lens, it can capture a super wide angle of 120 degrees, showing a wider field of view. With the support of 24MP main lens + super wide-angle lens, it can achieve a wide range of zoom from 0.6 to 10X.

Next, look at its real-time proofs during the day.

This is a macro proof, and the effect of the 24MP HD main photo is indeed more brilliant. In the case of plenty of sunshine during the day, the main camera lens will show a trend of glare to show its strong resolution.

This is proof of the backlit environment, showing a strong HDR capability and good tolerance, with full details in the light and shadow.

Wide angle off

Wide angle on

The lens uses a large curvature lens, it can be seen that the quality control and algorithm optimization of Honor is more stringent. After opening the wide angle, there is no serious distortion visible to the naked eye.

Rear lens night proofs

In the night scene, the Honor 20i’s rear camera will automatically switch to the 4-in-1 mode, and with multi-frame image fusion technology to enhance the photo effect in the case of insufficient light.

Night view off

Night view on

It can be seen that it supports AIS handheld super night scene, the above is the author’s full hand, no tripod participation. The nighttime photo can be output in less than 6 seconds, and the picture quality is still clear. After turning on the night scene mode, in addition to the increase in brightness, the focus of the film is the reduction of sharp lines.


The Honor 20i is equipped with a self-developed quasi-flagship mobile platform, the Kirin 710 processor. The performance and experience enhancements brought by the excellent process of 12 nanometers have been tested on many models of Honor.

The Kirin 710 processor has been introduced many times. It is equipped with four A73, four A53 CPU cores, the highest frequency is 2.2GHz, 1.7GHz. The GPU’s Kirin 710 processor integrates the Mali-G51 GPU and continues to be super-stable with the support of Honor GPU Turbo 2.0 technology.

In addition, Honor 20i gives a sincere combination of up to 6GB RAM + 258GB ROM in terms of memory. In the daily use, the author opens multiple apps at the same time, and also plays the game, frequently switches the APP, and the Kirin 710 processor has no stuck, and the daily operation is very smooth.

In addition, we said earlier that the Honor 20i also supports 512GB expansion, so that the ultra-large capacity memory combination plus the amount of storage expansion in Shanghai, it is appropriate to use it for several years.

In addition to the Kirin 710 processor, the Honor 20i also inherits the new GPU Turbo 2.0. GPU Turbo 2.0, the Honor of self-developed graphics acceleration technology, is commonplace for everyone.

Based on the EMUI operating system, the system underwrites the system to break the processing bottleneck between the GPU and the CPU, realizing the real hardware and software coordination, and the overall efficiency of the GPU graphics operation is greatly improved. The author opens “Glory of the King” to open full effects such as character stroke, high frame rate, multi-threading, highest picture quality, and high particle quality.

In the game process of “Glory of the King”, the number of frames is almost always stable in the full frame, which has reached the limit of the game. Under the blessing of GPU Turbo 2.0, whether it is the game of clear troops or team games They are very smooth.

In addition, GPU Turbo is a general-purpose technology framework that does not require game vendors to version fit. At present, there have been a number of mainstream mobile games including “Glory of the King”, “QQ Speed”, “Cross Fire”, “Wild Action”, “Stimulus Battlefield”, “All Arms Attack” and other mainstream mobile games.

Antutu Scored

Ann Bunny Introduction: The world’s number one mobile phone/tablet hardware performance evaluation tool can comprehensively examine the performance of all aspects of the device including the user experience, and visualize the ranking. Support multiple mainstream platforms, running points can be compared across platforms.

The Honor 20i’s Ann Bunny runs more than 170,000, which is in line with its standard flagship performance.

Master Lu

Master Lu: You can evaluate and compare the five core hardwares of CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and display. It is more suitable for ordinary white users to understand mobile phone related information.


Compared with the previous generation, the battery capacity of the Honor 20i has increased from the previous 3000 mAh to 3400 mAh. In addition, there is an increase in the process technology of the Kirin 710 processor. It is inevitable that longer battery life is expected.

Then let’s take a look at its battery life through actual tests.
Online video testing

I use the bilibili client to play online barrage video, 20% volume, 50% brightness, and start playing online for 60 minutes from 95% of the battery.

Starting from 95% of the electricity, after 60 minutes, the remaining 85%. Power consumption is 10%. According to this power-down rate, glory 20i full power can continuously play online video for nearly 10 hours.

Game testing

The author used the long-lasting mobile game “Glory of the King” to test the glory of the glory 20i. The default quality, the game is 60 minutes.

Starting from 100% power, after 60 minutes, the remaining power is 78% and the power consumption is 22%. According to such a power-down rate, Glory 20i is expected to continue the game for about 5 hours, which is sufficient for users who like to play the glory of the king.


The Honor 20i comes standard with a 5V2A 10W charger.


The Honor 20i is equipped with the EMUI 9.0 system, and the underlying system version has also been upgraded to Android 9.0. It can also be found that Honor has been more enthusiasm for the system in recent years, bringing more new features, and updated system patches to improve the security of mobile phones.

The system has been more rejuvenated in terms of UI design. It can be seen that the UI aspect is more in line with the tastes of young users, and the richer colors are more dynamic and full of youthful vitality.

Full-Screen Gestures

Honor 20i also provides support for full-screen gestures while providing traditional virtual buttons and floating buttons.

The left/right edge of the screen slides inward to return to the previous level. Slide up from the bottom edge of the screen to return to the desktop. Slide up and pause from the bottom edge of the screen to enter the most recent task. Slide from the left/right side of the bottom of the screen to call out the voice assistant and smart recognition.

This kind of comprehensive screen interaction makes the author feel simple and convenient in daily use. The fluency and responsiveness of the operation have also been significantly improved compared to the previous generation.

Smart Vision

The Honor 20i supports the “HiVision Smart Vision” feature. Through this function, you can identify hundreds of pet dogs and cats, basically covering all car models, flowers and grass, mainstream star celebrities, and support sweeping.

When the road meets a famous car, Meng Chong, you can know what it is by raising your hand. Occasionally want to buy the grass and good things, one-click call the camera to take photos and shopping, you can also achieve the same price comparison, very convenient.

Verdict & Buy

We believe that as a mobile phone close to the younger group, Honor 20i has done enough for itself. It grasps the public psychology of the current young group, perceives what it needs most, and iteratively improves on this basis.

Honor 20i guarantees the Kirin 710 processor + GPU Turbo2.0 quasi-flagship configuration, the maximum 6 + 256G large memory pocket performance, the main 32MP AI self-timer, rear AI super wide-angle three. At the same time, the glare of the gradual fuselage blessing the first time to grab your eye, once again decentralized the fashion elements and cutting-edge technology and even the flagship exclusive features.

It should be emphasized that after our field tests in multiple scenarios, we can be sure that the Honor of the 20i alone in the 32MP AI self-timer eye-catching performance is comparable to the current flagship models and even surpass the latter.

In general, for the average user who prefers the appearance value and wants to choose a versatile and balanced mobile phone, especially the young people, the Honor 20i is a tailor-made model. In this way, after the sale and sale of the Honor 20i, which is priced at a reasonable price and has a balanced configuration, there is no problem in the life cycle of becoming the same price explosion.


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