Huawei Honor 6C Pro Leaked Overseas with Highlights


During China National Holiday, @Slashleaks leaked a set of outlines and renderings page of Honor new phone, it is said that this new phone will call Huawei Honor 6C Pro. These images are from Honor Italian and Germany official website about Huawei Honor 6C Pro instructions.

Although its official doesn’t leaked the specs information, its specs have been unveiled. It is said that Huawei Honor 6C Pro will have 5 inch 1080P screen, RAM 3GB, 13MP main camera, adopting fingerprint scanner, the processor may be Kirin 600 series, it is obvious it is a 150usd budget phone.

It is worthwhile to know that the leaked images show a phone connects a PC, adopting desktop design similar to Samsung Dex, the bottom connects the phone, the phone can be used as a PC by display, if the news is real, this function will become a highlight of Huawei Honor 6C pro.

Considering Huawei honor official haven’t shown this Honor 6C product, this new phone may be released overseas.


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