Huawei Honor 8 Dual Rear Cameras Will Release on July 11 at $333 Officially


Rest assured for the good oil on Chinese Smartphones, look no further than the official Chinese site, TENAA, to showcase all the latest gadgets before release and that’s exactly what has happened with the Huawei  Honor 8. For those in the know , you will be aware that the Huawei Honor sub-brand included a dual camera model not all that long ago with the Honor 6 Plus offering, well the Honor range is about to take off with the Honor 8. Just now, Huawei  announced that they will release Huawei Honor 8 with dual rear camera on July 11 at $333, 1999 yuan in Shanghai, China. From the poster, we can see Huawei Honor 8 is quite beautiful with 15 level processing craftsmanship. So how will it be?




TENAA have recently released details and we get a glimpse of how this phone will take shape. It has now been confirmed that The Honor 8 will come with dual glass with alloy chassis, a rear fingerprint scanner and dual 12 mega-pixel rear camera. Looking over the phones design,the Honor 8 has a laser focus, dual LED flash, and 5.2-inch display.


The Specs of the device indicate the Honor 8 will come with a 1920 x 1080 screen, a 2.3Ghz oct-core chipset, and a front shooter of 8 mega-pixels, Options will also include either 4GB or 3GB RAM. Being that TENAA have put the phone in their database , according to Huawei official that the Huawei Honor 8 will launch in July 11. Stay tuned guys.





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