Huawei Honor A2 Smart Wrist Band VS Huami Amazfit Midong Smart Bracelet Review by @GEEKBUYING (Coupon Inside)


Huawei has introduced its newest Honor-branded wearable, the Honor Band A2. As the name suggests, this is a follow-up model to the Honor Band A1, which was released in 2016. The wristband is designed for those who want to keep tabs on their health and fitness, and it brings with it all of the expected sensors, including a heart rate sensor. The newest model also brings one big change over the previous iteration: an OLED display.and now Huami Midong Band, Huami has released smartwatches called Amazfit. Now it comes with a product that already belongs to the category of smart bracelets, yet it is another lightweight version of the original Amazfit watch.


The Huawei Honor Band A2 features a sporty and somewhat stereotypical design, one that is reminiscent of both smartwatches and wristbands, being fully neither but rather a little of both. The new OLED display measures 0.96-inches and provides immediate access to certain information, such as the time, battery charge, and fitness data.and It is not the first Huami Amazfit smart bracelet, but the first comes with a color IPS-type screen, a 1.23-inch panel and 80 × 160 pixel resolution protected by a 2.5-inch Corning Glass Gorilla Glass and an anti- -reflections that ensure your vision outdoors.The design of the bracelet has been styled with a metal frame and a rubber strap, and although we do not know if it is possible to use any watch strap, we do know that the strap is 19 millimeters wide. In addition, the bracelet is able to withstand dives up to 50 meters deep, with the ability to quantify swimming sessions.


As with many fitness trackers, Huawei elected to make the Honor Band A2 waterproof with an IP67 rating, meaning you don’t have to worry if you get caught jogging in a rainstorm. The wearable connects with iOS and Android smartphones over Bluetooth 4.2, and it boasts up to 9 days of battery life per charge (and up to 18 days when in standby).and Huami Amazfit Midong Smart Bracelet has In terms of hardware, the Midong Band is completed with 4.1 LE Bluetooth connectivity, 170 mAh battery with up to 12 days of autonomy and the usual physical quantification sensors: 3-axis accelerometer and heart monitor.


Huawei Honor Band A2 keeps track of both exercise and sleep, and can also be set to give reminders when you’re being too sedentary. The wearable also features supports for notifications such as incoming calls, missed calls, and text messages; it, of course, must be connected to a phone for this to work.and Huami Amazfit Midong Smart Bracelet As for functionality, this new bracelet quantifier is allowed to show notifications when it is linked to the smartphone, in addition, to quantify practically any type of exercise, as we said even in the water, and also sleep.Without too much dressing, without GPS, but with an autonomy far in comparisons with any other intelligent bracelet with a color screen of the market, and also with a sober and elegant design that does not disintegrate with practically any clothing.


The Huawei Honor Band A2 is a follow-up to the Honor Bad A1, which was a pretty good band in its own right. Still, it did not feature a display and as such could not really deliver things like notifications.Huawei Honor Band A2 Available at GEEKBUYING in just $29.99 using a Coupon Code: HONORA2 and Huami Amazfit Midong Smart Bracelet are Available at GEEKBUYING in just $59.99 using this Coupon Code: HUAMIDONG.


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