Huawei Honor Band 3 Smart Wristband Design, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


Honor Band 3 is really reliable, it has 24-hour heart rate monitor with 50 meters water resistant and long last battery.


Its design is comfortable to wear and easy to carry in your wrist. the design is made for anyone which gives you not even comfortable in your hand and also it has 50 meters water resistant which allow the user to carry anywhere without any fear.


A heartbeat sensor bracelet, sleep measurement, the ability to measure steps, record your workouts, etc.t has an accelerometer that needs to be sufficient for basic measurements. The main advantage of this bracelet is the stamina on one charge. It’s supposed to last up to 30 days. The bracelet will work with any phone that has at least Android 4.4.Caller ID and caller rejection Vibration notification for Facebook, Twitter, messages, emails, calendar alerts, and more Smart alarm clock vibration wake up without disturbing others.


This Huawei honor band has got everything the user wants for. its easy comfortable and long lasting with battery of 100mah. its good for any user and also who would love to get out for the tour its has water resistant with 0.91 OLED screen. it has a vibration for the alert of any notification which is helpful to not miss any reminder of your WhatsApp, Available in black color Availability on Geekbuying Price $41.99 after use coupon code: HWHNBAND3 

Update on Nov.23, 2018

Start Date Category Product Name Link on Coupon Final Prices Limited Qty
11/22/2018 Wearable Devices Huawei Honor Band 3 Smart Wristband GKBBF02 $19.99 200pcs daily

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