Huawei Honor Band A1 Wearable Device Design, Features, App Review


On May 10, Huawei Honor has released its new smart band, Huawei Honor Band A1 which has been improved its design than the last two generations. Now we will test Huawei Honor Band A1 black. As you know, now it’s your best time to take travel with a smart band which can track your healthy life. Huawei Honor Band A1 only takes $17 to choose. So will it be very practical like Xiaomi miband 2?

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Huawei Honor A1 body was wrapped well and looks well in its package. The wrist strap of Huawei Honor Band A1 uses TPU material with nice quality,whose toughness can obviously be much better than general plastic material in order to prevent breaking during wearing it. In order to achieve beautiful effect, the whole surface of the wrist strap mixed with neat and organized argyle, continuing the Honor family ‘diamond prismatic texture’ classic style, lt looks very exquisite. The style is very simple. We can see Honor has thought a lot about its design.

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Wristband uses the classic hole design, it has 10 grades that almost meets the requirements of all people to wear, in order to let the wrist bracelet firm and stick to users, strap can be fitted to user’s wrist well in general, and when wearing it,  it is very comfortable.

Users wearing Honor Band A1 need to apply to the hole harder, after it fastened, in any circumstances, it almost can’t easily fall off.


Band A1 has a classic Honor logo with two metal contact for user charging. The small and exquisite charger takes design of magnetic suction, it charges very stably. When charging, it has LED notification to show it’s under state of charging.

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Honor Band A1 use bluetooth 4.2 technology for lower power consumption with longer battery life. According to official, When users charge it fully, even if it’s under heavy use, it can still be used over 20 days. So whether a short or a long holiday, Huawei Honor Band A1 will have no problem in battery life.

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According to Honor Band A1’s overall design, simpleness is not the main factor for him. Argyle wristband bring wonderful processing design style. Meanwhile, it wears very comfortably. And it also support IP57 Waterproof function. So in view of practical and design function, it is worthwhile to have a try.

APP Function

How to activate Huawei Honor Band A1 and connect with your phone? First, we need to download Huawei Honor Band A1 APP in Android market of Google apple store. Then pair your phone and Band A1. Then open bluetooth to connect. If you have Huawei account, you don’t need to register, if not, you have to register the account first. Because it will record our data in sports and life. If there is something wrong with the band or phone lost, we can check the history data by APP.

After pairing them successfully, going int APP interface, the blue interface is very simple. There are three main functions such as exercise, sleep, and ultraviolet test.




When i wear the Honor Band A1, we find it was very responsive and accurate about pedometer function.

Sleep statistics


Honor Band A1  is configured with high precision triaxial acceleration sensors, in addition to being able to record the user’s exercise time, steps, and mileage, integrated computation about amount of exercise and burning calories, it is also equipped with sleeping monitoring function which can record users’ sleep deeply, sleep light, and wake state. By one night real-time data recording, we can know our sleep state well. Meanwhile, we can arrange sleeping schedule to keep our normal sleep time so as to make our life more healthy.

Ultraviolet (uv) detection


Another function making women’s users screaming is UV detection. Users’ can choose wrist strap material by app to click app test button. After Huawei Honor Band A1 tests Ultraviolet, and reflect the intensity of ultraviolet light in real time and give advice for sun protection. So it’s very important for women to protect herself from ultraviolet damage. Huawei Honor Band A1 can be their best guard.

Other functions


Besides three main features in APP interface, users can enter into setting by using finger to slip to the left which can set up some practical reminding functions, such as phone call, message, alarm clock, etc.



Although there are many wearables device like Xiaomi miband 2, Fitbit Alta, etc, Huawei honor Band A1 has its advantage in design, functions, IP57 waterproof, 20 day battery life, and other smart reminder and its price at 17usd. So what are you waiting for?



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