Huawei Honor Note 8 Unboxing, Antutu,Battery, Camera Review


After entering the next half year, we found there are more and more large screen smartphones coming. Now this time Huawei released Huawei Honor Note 8 which is the first model in note series with 6.6inch large screen. In order to provide the users with ultimate vision, Huawei Honor Note 8 comes with 6.6inch Super AMOLED screen with 2560×1440 screen resolution. 2K screen resolution will be also good start for VR headset. Users can upload its video fast by Huawei Honor Note 8.

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Huawei Honor Note 8 uses sound cavity with 1.5 times larger, Smart PA+DTS certification. Although it only is single loudspeaker, the sound effect is very loud with stereo feeling.  Large screen will cause the problem of holding by hands. Huawei Honor Note 8 combined with large body to screen ratio to reduce the width of the smartphone,  meanwhile the front 2.5D glasss and curved back are very sleek to make us hold very comfortably. So there is no problem to hold in one hand.



One of the most important problem we care is the battery life. Large screen will also mean easy to consume the power. Huawei Honor Note 8 is equipped with 4500mAh battery to support 9V/2A quick charge, USB Type C port. It can support up to 13 hours to watch tv, 6.5 hours to play games. Let’s test first.


Honor note 8 adopts 2K super AMOLED screen, 443ppi, NTSC color gamut up to 105%, 70000:1 high contrast. The actual effect is very gorgeous to keep the feature of Super AMOLED screen which makes us view the pictures or videos very bright and clear.


As for power consumption, we test game online, video online, music online, standby four situations. Every situation tests half an hour, the power consumption as follows, 10%、6%、3%、2% respectively. We can see game consumes power most, in the other words, we can play games in 5 hours continuously. There is some gap from the official data.

At last , we test the charging speed, Huawei Honor Note 8 supports 9V2A Type-C quick charge,  testing 10 minutes, it charges 12%, 30 minutes 27%, and it takes 126 minutes to charge full. For a 4500mAh battery, the charging speed is quite good.



Honor Note 8 has three versions, but they don’t have much gap. All of them uses 2.5GHz Kirin 955 Octa core RAM 4GB processor, main difference is about storage. Just check Antutu test score, 85609

In storage, Huawei Honor note 8 has 2.48GB left after powered on. There are 10 apps running, then it has 2.14GB left.



Huawei Honor Note 8 has 8MP front camera, F2.0 big aperture to support fingerprint to take photos. And it has 13MP rear camera to use RGBW four colors sensor and OIS Sony IMX278 camera which can improve taking pictures in dim light.



According to the samples, Huawei Honor Note 8 has white balance accurate. Meanwhile, the color saturation is relatively high. So when we take pictures about flowers, it will be very beautiful. In macro aspect, it can not only keep the rich details to shoot, but also the obvious effect about scenery.



When taking photos at night, Sony IMX278 sensor has performed well, and the brightness of samples is higher than we see. It controls pixels and glare very well. It’s not so amazing but it can meet our daily needs to photograph.



Huawei Honor Note 8 is well-known 6.6inch 2K screen which will be the best phone to watch videos, play games, read e-books, etc.  It has performed well in the aspects we have introduced. We believe it will be also very compatible with Huawei VR in the near future. So will you choose this smartphone to experience first? Right now you can use coupon code: GB9% to enjoy silver at  $444.41 and  Golden at $530.18.


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  1. Huawie,
    Just swapped for mate 8 ,by the the way amazeing phone got this honor note 8 wow,
    £250 guntree brandcnew love it sound system
    ,volume higher than the mate 8 great phone
    All huawie needs to do is htc 24 bit, sound system but nothing wrong with DTS awesome huawei love em Fuck apple…

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