Huawei Honor V20 Full Review: Design, Hardware, Features, & Camera


The evaluation of the Honor V20 we chose to release on the first day of 2019 is not only a summary of the past year, but also a new year, and this mobile phone just fits this rhythm.

As the Honor of the flagship masterpiece of the year, the Honor V20 has almost all the new technologies or functions that have been known in the past year, such as: Link Turbo, GPU Turbo, THE NINE liquid cooling, WLAN three antennas, TOF stereo deep lens , YOYO, dual-frequency GPS, 48 megapixel camera, 4.5V/5A fast charge…

And technologies like Link Turbo, GPU Turbo, GPU Turbo, all are honored by their own research and development. In the past year, they have indeed given consumers a lot of surprises, at least the reputation of the brand of Honor has improved a lot.

As one of the five major domestic brands, Honor is the most prominent in the “soft” strength. In the fierce domestic mobile phone market, “soft” strength will become more and more important. (The five major brands include: Huawei, Honor, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi)

When I took the Honor V20 in my hand for the first time, I felt that it was a metal body phone. The feel on the back was like the touch of a metal back shell. The whole hand was quite comfortable, although the frame was made. Radial processing, but does not “cut” the hand.

This Honor V20 adopts the screen camera technology that will be widely popular in 2019, 6.4-inch (2310 x 1080) screen, TFT LCD (IPS), color gamut (NTSC) 96%.

Although I can’t use 2K resolution, the screen quality of V20 is obviously better than that of the previous generation. The visual experience is very soft, especially when playing games or watching the news for a long time, the eyes will not appear obvious or dry. The feeling of “acid”. (Currently, most OLED screens on the market will have long periods of uncomfortable eyes)

The first mobile phone to release this kind of under-the-screen camera technology is the Samsung A8s, but because of its large aperture, it was spitting out by netizens after the release.

The Honor V20 has almost reduced the footprint of the front camera area to the limit. The ultra-small aperture of 4.5mm is difficult to surpass. This not only greatly enhances the aesthetics of the front of the mobile phone, but also brings to the friends who use similar solutions. a lot of pressure.

Just as in 2018, people were smaller than the “notch” of their family and later evolved into “water droplets, pearls” and other programs. This Honor V20 directly minimizes the new scheme that will be popularized in 2019. Easy, unless you give up the self-portrait quality of the front camera.

The Honor V20 adopts the arrangement scheme of the horizontal camera. In addition to the fingerprint identification module, there is only one latest brand LOGO in the back. This new LOGO is obviously a little more succinct. The real phone is better than the picture. It is recommended that people who have the intention to buy go to the offline store to have a look and experience the feeling.

The top border of the screen is very narrow, so some sensors are placed on the top of the fuselage, such as distance sensor, infrared receiver, noise reduction microphone. The V20 still retains a 3.5mm headphone jack, and some people are expected to cheer again.

The earpiece is placed on the edge of the screen, similar to the Honor Magic 2, and does not affect the sound of the call. You can rest assured.

The Type-C charging port is affirmative, but the 3.5mm headphone port is still there, and the single speaker is a bit unfortunate.

Overall, the Honor V20 still continues the steady blood of the “V” system. It is not too radical in the color matching and appearance of the phone. On the contrary, it has brought a lot of pressure to the friends at the same time. The flagship market in 2019 is even harder for small and medium-sized brands.


This Honor V20 did not continue the three cameras, perhaps to distinguish it from Honor Magic 2, or it may be Honor to try a new camera solution, in short, the 48 Megapixel + TOF stereo deep lens] dual camera solution completely does not think of it.

Many people may be curious, 48MP dual-shot and the current mainstream three-shot, which one is better? After I have experienced the V20’s ability to take pictures, I can basically give an answer. “There are advantages, no absolute wins.”

We can simply analyze what the photo logic of three or two shots is. In general, a main camera and an auxiliary camera are used to complete the main shooting task. If it is three shots, there is also a depth of field camera or a wide-angle camera to collect more information.

The third camera determines the camera features of the phone, such as large aperture, wide-angle, macro, etc., which are the selling points to be promoted at the press conference. So whether it is three cameras, it may only affect a certain selling point, and will not affect the main camera quality of the mobile phone.

So what is the characteristic of this Honor V20?

First, let’s look at its main camera, the 48-megapixel main camera, using the Sony IMX586. The camera’s sensor size is 1/2 inch, and the benefits of the outsole are many, such as clearer details and better night shooting ability.

In the past, most mainstream mobile phones used (color + black and white) schemes to add more detail capture and nighttime camera clarity; as well as the use of the (wide-angle + telephoto) scheme, it can get better daytime photo capabilities, let The photo layering is better. A little more powerful (color + black and white + telephoto), directly into the “king” of the photo.

The 48-megapixel camera used by the Honor V20 is actually a combination of color and black-and-white functions. With large photosensitive components and high-pixel assistance, not only can you collect more images, but even when you take pictures at night. You can also get more light into the light to improve the quality of the overall photo.

For the depth of field problem, just the TOF stereo deep-sensing lens comes in handy, it can get more comprehensive 3D stereo data, through the same algorithm can play the background blur effect of large aperture, even when taking pictures at close range, it gets The data can make the photos more layered, and the messier the picture, the more obvious it is.

Let’s take a look at the photo-taking capabilities of this high-pixel camera from the proofs: (Because the single photo is too large, the platform can’t be uploaded, the photos are all compressed, and the actual proofs are better.)

This scene is often used. It is characterized by a lot of lines on the wall of the building, especially in the area of ?? on the top floor. The phone with the low pixel or poor detail capture is invisible, but this photo is not even The details of the top floor can also be clearly seen by zooming in.

Found a little wildcat, it seems to be not too interested in taking pictures. The background of this photo is very messy, many mobile phones have suffered here, and the branches in the right area are easy to blur, but the V20 performs quite well.

The V20’s camera adjustment seems to be conservative, the color saturation is relatively stable, and there is no obvious color difference. When shooting against the light, it is basically OK. Although there is a little flaw, there is no problem with the subject.

During the indoor still life shooting process, the V20 basically belongs to the state of shooting, there is no need to focus or choose what mode, the proofs are very stable. Are you not in the details? Then I will torture you. After zooming in, basically all the “small holes” are clear around. Another stimulating thing, it is almost reaching the limit. If it is replaced by a thousand yuan machine, the right side is basically black.

The background blur effect is softer, and there is no smeared smudge. The outline of the focus object is clearer and the background is more natural. Night photography has always been very unfriendly to mobile phones, but this time the Honor of the V20’s large pixels is still reliable. In general, the photographic power of the Honor V20 is not as uncomfortable as some media have said, which is impossible. Secondly, based on my experience of nearly a week, there is no significant difference between the camera ability and the mainstream first-line camera phone, but no one can kill anyone.

Today’s mobile phones are basically good at one area, some are good at wide-angle, some are good at portraits, some are good at macros, so-called photo-powered mobile phones, but they are a little more comprehensive, and each one is taken out. Can play. Honor V20 should be considered as the kind of camera that can play its strength in most scenes. Some scenes are slightly insufficient, but we got the engineering phone this time, so the optimization is not the final full version, we will get it. The official version will continue to share more samples with you.

Game Experience

The Honor V20 is equipped with the Kirin 980 processor. This is a very powerful dual NPU processor. In addition to the basic game performance, the optimization of the whole Phone and the automatic matching of system resources are very good. Supporting role.

In fact, for this phone, we basically did not worry about the game ability. In evaluating the Honor of Magic 2, we gave a good evaluation of the game performance of this processor, and it is no exception in the Honor V20.

We installed 15 more representative games (the installation platform is the mobile phone application market, pea pod), and tested the game performance of the Honor V20, including: “Crash 3”, “Fifth Personality”, “The Peak Tank”, “Jesus Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield”, “The Glory of the King”, “Wild Action”, “Hunger Shark: The World”, “Need for Speed: The Most Wanted”, “QQ Speed”, “Decisive Battle!” Ping An Jing, “Golden Stone Legend”, “After tomorrow”, “Ninja must die 3”, “Yin Yang Shi”, “Real Racing 3”.

In addition to the “Real Racing 3” flashback, all games can run very well, and very smooth, Kylin processor game performance, from the Kirin 970, there is no need to worry about it.

There are many versions of “Real Racing 3”. The success of the installation depends on luck. It is also possible to find more platforms. This also indirectly reflects the troubles caused by the fragmentation of the Android system. Third-party applications and game parties must be optimized separately for each mobile phone. Otherwise, it is easy to flash out or cannot be installed. The hardest hit area is some larger. game.

Compared with the performance of the game, many people will pay more attention to whether the camera area will affect the game or daily use. For this reason, we also especially looked at the evaluation.

The above is the picture of some mainstream games and Youku video. The front camera area (lower left corner) does not affect the normal screen display at all. Although there is a small part to block it, how to look is much better than the visual experience of the big bangs in 2018. Alright?

In addition, its aperture is only 4.5mm, and the similar products of Youshang may not be smaller than it. If you pay more attention to the mobile phone news, you must find out that after the release of the Honor V20, there is no friend who said that this design is not good, because this is a big trend, they also need to use.

I feel that the fever is completely acceptable. After all, it is winter, and the heat is not hot enough. I want to see the fever limit until summer.


Honor V20 finally added the battery to 4000mAh, and the standard charger supports 4.5V/5A or 5V/4.5A or 5V/2A output. The charging capacity of up to 22.5W is currently not slow in the mobile phone of about 3,000 yuan. In our charging test:

  • Charge 55% for half an hour
  • 95% in one hour
  • Fully used for 76 minutes

I am still worried about testing the power consumption. Under normal circumstances, the endurance of the engineering machine will not work, because the optimization of the system is not the final perfect version, but in the process of testing, its performance is quite good. At least completely within the normal range:

  • B station online video 9% for one hour
  • Vibrato online video an hour 8%
  • “Glory of the King” high special effect 12 hours an hour
  • “Stimulus Battlefield” new map one hour 20%
  • “Wild Action” high efficiency one hour 14%

The test consumes about 63% of electricity for 5 hours. This strength is very good for all current mainstream flagships. If it is used daily, it will be no problem to satisfy the day’s life.

Verdict & Availability

I am very familiar with the products of the Honor “V” series, and even the early Honor V9 is still in service at home. This series of products has a very obvious feature, “not publicity, taste new, seek stability, and go.”

When we commented on V10, we often said that if you want to buy a Honor mobile phone with stable performance, good performance, good quality, and good reputation, the “V” system must be the first choice. A lot of people have already received the machine, and some people complain that they can’t get it. Don’t worry, I predict that a lot of goods will be released in a week.

More content related to Honor V20, we will continue to explore in the continuous experience process, if there are new discoveries, will be the first time to share with you. If you have anything to know, but we didn’t mention it in our review, you can leave a comment directly in the comments.

Huawei Honor V20 is now available on Geekbuying for just $$529.99 using a Coupon Code: CYQCRNAT.


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