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At night on May 10, Huawei launched its first V series product, Huawei honor V8, which is the other android flagship smartphone after last one Huawei Honor 7. And it has been improved in every aspect, especially Huawei Honor V8 netcome advanced version to use the top Kirin950 processor. It is equipped with 2K ultra clear screen to make the performance improve largely. How about Huawei honor V8? Let’s check the review with us. I will introduce the Honor V8 netcom advanced version.

Watch Huawei Honor V8 hands on review:

Huawei honor V8 has made some change in its appearance. First it abandons past ID bezel-less design and then uses the traditional ultra narrow bezel. While it keeps the screen to body ratio, it controls the black border of the screen. Even though it’s white version under the screen on, it doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable. In addition, in order to change the bottom too blank, Huawei honor v8 uses the Honor logo on the front. 2.5D screen ensures the hand feeling, too.

Watch Huawei Honor V8 Press Conference:

Huawei Honor V8 uses its black package to give us a mature and generous feeling.

Its package is pulling type design, it needs to take care to take out the phone because the phone is in the side of the box, if you take it out in the wrong direction, your phone will fall down.

Huawei Honor V8 has the big feature that it can support VR virtual reality. So its package is the simple VR headset.

Inside the box there are detailed instructions that teach you how to assemble into VR glasses box, so packing box can be fully used, and very environmental protection.

Inside the box also contains VR lens parts you need. After assembled VR box, put the Honor V8 into the box then you can enjoy VR film happily.

Huawei Honor V8 has three version with the same 9V/2A fast charger. According to the conference, it is built in 3500mAh battery. It can support 1.26days standby even under heavy use.

It can use USB typc C which has become the most popular use in the flagship smartphone.

Huawei honor V8 has declared SIM card specification and button function on its original screen protector. On the right side is volume button, power button, and smart button.

After peeling the original sticker, we can see the smartphone. This is Honor V8 champagne gold color. The official also provides platinum gold, rose gold, silver ice light, elegant white ash, ceramic, a total of six kinds of colors to choose from.

Despite using 5.7 inch screen, Huawei honor v8 is not large.Its dimension has 157.00×77.60×7.75mm similar as 5.5inch iPhone 6s plus. Accustomed to the domestic mobile phone users should be easy to manage this Honor V8.

Huawei Honor V8 three versions have 5.7inch screen. The carrier customized version and netcom version has 1920X1080 screen resolution, but netcom advance version has 2560X1440 screen resolution. Display effect is very exquisite. The 2k resolution screen is designed for VR tech.We know VR has become the mainstream to connect the phone. And VR technology principle is to screen content is split in two,one each for the person’s left and right eye show the same content, so that ordinary 1080p resolution will be halved, lower perception effect. But definition of the 2k resolution in VR devices will have obvious ascension, So higher screen resolution of the smartphone will become the trend with VR devices become more popular.

It is worth mentioning that the honor also brought a new VR device, its biggest characteristic is to support within 700 ° bend optical adjustment,so that myopia don’t have to wear glasses which can also see the contents of the VR devices. Moreover, Honor has reached the cooperation with Youku in video. There will be thousands of VR films in youku in the near future.

Huawei honor V8 use the virtual buttions inside screen same as the past honor phones. So the fuselage chin can be very narrow, coupled with Honor logo, improved more compact.
On the front of the fuselage, the receiver side is 8 million pixels front camera. Last year Honor series released reverse camera in Huawei honor 7i, this time they have accumulated the rich experience on Honor V8 to support multiple facial features, and so on.

The other side of fuselage only has one SIM card slot, looks very clean. In addition, it has 2.5D glass front panel, it looks good when used.

HONOR V8 advanced version has two in three SIM card slot. It means you can insert two Nano-sim card, or put one Nano SIM and a MicroSD TF card. It can support 128G expanded. This design makes those users who want the storage at the same time confused. It’s good that advanced version has 64GB storage. It can store much data itself.It can also support 4G and Volte network, wireless up to 300M.

Huawei Honor V8 has an infrared transmitter in addition to the 3.5mm audio interface on the top, which can control the home appliances and some smart devices. EMUI built-in remote APP has supported the current most common appliances such as TV, air conditioning.

At the bottom of the fuselage can be plugged into the USB Type-C interface, while the left and right sides are designed in the modelling of the speaker, but the right is the real speaker, on the left is the microphone. When playing video, except the speaker makes a noise at the bottom of the fuselage, at the bottom of the fuselage at the top of the phone can also make voice,

Huawei Honor V8 has fingerprint identification located in the center of the rear fuselage, fingerprint identification should be put in front we have already discussed many times, V8 fingerprint identification is still a chip level of encryption, more secure than ordinary one.
Its fingerprint recognition success rate is quite high,need to mention is that my finger is easy to sweat, in most case i was stained with sweat, but in fingerprint identification unlock the phone often works. It’s good experience for a user full of sweat.

The big screen mobile phone has become the mainstream. But if you want to make the balance between large screen and users’ experience, it will not be easy. As for a large 5.7inch screen phone, Huawei honor v8 has good control on its fuselage size. Super narrow bezel design makes it phone narrower than the width of 5.5 inches, providing better visual effect as well as to ensure the good operation experience, it is not easy.


Honor V8 runs EMUI4.1 OS based on Android6.0. After these years of development, EMUI has been already very mature, also received a large number of users’ praise. Huawei Honor V8 also brings us some new features.

Besides music, video, prerequisite software application market, Huawei honor V8 has built-in third party applications, all third-party applications can be removed manually, don’t have to worry about taking up valuable storage space.

Android mobile phone after launch an application, is often associated with starting a series of applications, not only the cost of system resources, but also seriously affect the life. Honor V8 will prompt notice when that happens, and ban start application associated with each other, so as to achieve the aim of energy saving. EMUI4.1 default prohibited application to create a desktop shortcut, keep clean and let user’s desktop simple.

Huawei Honor V8 support NFC function to support credit card payment and other mobile phone payment.It provides very convenience for you. EMUI4.1 OS also provides the best protection for personal privacy.

Huawei Honor V8 uses Kirin950 processor with 16nm process, 4 A72 architecture 2.5Ghz core and 4 A53 architecture 1.8ghz core. The overall performance is very close to Snapdragon820. Combined with RAM4GB, it can ensure the most application and games running smoothly.

In antutu test, Huawei honor V8 has reached 9,9000 score, although it has some distance with Snapdragon 820 and Apple A9 processor, but at this point the practical experience and the system basically have no difference.

In Geekbench3 tests, Huawei honor v8 has won the mononuclear 1916, multi-core 6616 points, multi-core performance is particularly good, beyond the Snapdragon 810 and Samsung Exynos 7420 processor. Now Xiaomi mi5 with Snapdraon 820 only has 5,000 score. So Honor v8 with Kirin950 has its advantage in multi-core performance.

We have done the power consumption test, choose the system built-in “video” application , the video “ode to joy”, it shows super clear image quality.

After playing 40 minutes, it shows 41% power left. It’s quite good for 2k screen.

Huawei honor v8 supports a variety of power saving mode, we can use smart saving energy in daily use. The system will automatically adjust the CPU frequency.You can open performance when play games. You can also adjust the screen resolution to 1920X1080 to save the power. and you should close the application you don’t use. After it comes in super saving mode, you can use more 5 hours in daily use.
As for charging speed, the three versions are all 3500mAb battery, 9V/2A fast charge. It takes about 100 minutes actually. So far it has become very popular use in fast charge of smartphone.

Huawei honor V8 dual camera support F/0.95 to F/16 aperture adjustment. Large aperture can be similar to a wide range of SLR background blur effect, suitable for portrait and still life. While a small aperture can bring about more detail, suitable for landscape.

In ordinary photo mode, click the aperture of top screen to the mode of big aperture effect mode, by sliding can implement different aperture size, at the same time, along with the background of degree will change too.

3D dynamic view is a very interesting function, in this mode, holding shutter button at an object on a circle, can obtain 3D panorama picture, and drag the photo to let it move. Honor V8 has the professional photo mode function, it not only can adjust the ISO,shutter speed, white balance, exposure compensation.

Huawei honor V8 has 8MP front camera to support beauty facial picture taking.
Here are some photos:

In conclusion, Huawei honor V8 as the flagship smartphone makes us amazed not only in hardware or design. Dual cameras also bring us much convenience. It has shown the powerful influence to compare with other brands. The Kirin950 processor makes it on a top performance. Therefore, it’s good for the users like young or old. I am very satisfied with the experience of this Huawei Honor V8.


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