Huawei leads and Xiaomi’s goes down by 38% in China


Xiaomi is know as a company that always is giving a certain amount of devices in the market and usually less than really needed. Despite companies efforts to fix this, International Data Corps (IDC) in the research report revealed that Xiaomi’s phone shipments for the Q2 2016 where precipitated to 10.5 million. This number shows a 38% drop in shipments from the 17.1 million shipments recorded during the same period last year.


Bloomberg in its report is placing Xiaomi at the fourth position of top phone brands in China, behind Huawei, OPPO and Vivo.

From this fall even Apple didn’t escape with a dive by 32% in it’s domestic shipment in Chinese market for the same period, placing the company in the fifth position, just after Xiaomi. Don’t forget that competitors have increased quality, design, and marketing lines.

The success of Huawei and Oppo, came as the companies concentrate over one or two key attributes in the marketing messages. Huawei has emphasized on the stunning Leica camera lens, now available on its smartphones especially the P9 and OPPO concentrated on its fast-charging technology.

Xiaomi is still trying to cover up the need for its smartphone. Effort made specially for their latest offering, Redmi Pro, which is available both via offline and online sales channel, the results for Q3 2016 could show a tremendous rebound. Lets wait and see.


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