Huawei Magic 3 Exposed with Hole Screen and 66W Fast Charge


Last night, Huawei officially released a new generation of video flagship, Huawei P50 series, a long delay has finally brought a satisfactory flagship work, although for 5G slightly regret, but performance, photography, system and other aspects are still the top of the industry.

As a former subsidiary of Huawei, Honor brand has been announcing that it will launch products to rival Huawei P series and Mate series after its independence. Honor Magic 3, which has been preheated for a long time, will be unveiled as one of the rivals of Huawei P50.

This morning, @digichat brought the latest news about Honor Magic 3, which was previously rumored to have two models, Magic 3 and  Magic 3 Pro. He revealed that both models will come with a standard perforated screen plan, instead of the previously rumored off-screen camera.

Combined with previous rumours and exposure of real phone, Honor Magic 3 holes may be solely with double screen, it won the bid with version to adopt double digging hole face to face with the screen, while Huawei Magic 3 Pro for hyperboloid screen, but the Pro version will bring more configuration, it may introduce a 3d structure light solution, supporting a higher level of face recognition.

In addition to the screen, the source also said that Honor Magic 3 will be equipped with a 66W cable fast charge, which is slightly different from the 100W fast charge that was previously rumored, after all, Honor 50 series has been equipped with 100W fast charge, and the experience is better, so the truth of this news is yet to be confirmed.

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As for core specs, Honor Magic 3 will be powered by snapdragon 888 Plus, the world’s first officially announced new processor, as well as a whopping 12GB of ram.


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