Huawei Maimang 8 Review: Super Wide-Angle Cameras, In a Decent Budget Phone


Huawei Maimang 8 was officially released in Chengdu, using a pearl screen design, and the rear super wide-angle AI three-shot, priced at 1899 yuan ($274.95).

This time, Huawei Maimang 8, still adhering to the excellent workmanship of the flagship class of the Maimang series, has also been comprehensively upgraded on the screen, camera and other aspects. We saw a new 6.21-inch pearl screen, 24MP super wide-angle AI three-shot and many other practical elements first appeared on it.

Design & Appearance

The face value of Maimang 8 has a gorgeous transformation. It replaces the previous Qi Liuhai with a 6.21-inch pearl full-screen design, and the screen quality is also better. The resolution is 2340*1080, and the screen ratio is as high as 89%.

Maimang 8 is a practitioner of large screen and small body. Compared with the forehead and chin of the previous generation, the left and right borders are also narrower. As a result, the screen’s screen ratio has increased to 89%. Such a screen ratio is mainstream in the same price model, giving users a pleasing experience. Keep the screen bigger and bigger with a constant grip and broaden your horizons.

This is the pearl screen detail, the Maimang 8 is the pursuit of the ultimate sense, it compresses a variety of sensors into this cramped space, the speaker opening is integrated with the frame at the top of the phone. This is the chin detail, and the high screen of the Maimang 8 also contributes a power.

Maimang 8 has a combination of two colors, the night black, and the sapphire blue. What we got is sapphire blue. Sapphire blue is a kind of blue, but it is more crystal-clear and more vibrant than blue or dark blue.

As for the night black, it is more stable than the sapphire blue, and the Maiman 8 offers two different styles to choose from. Different from Huawei’s other product lines, Maimang has its own product gene, which is an independent logo exclusively for Maimang. The Maimang 8 retains a 3.5mm headphone jack and the charging jack is Micro USB. The card slot is placed on top of the phone.

Hardware & Performance

The Maimang 8 is equipped with a 12nm new unicorn 710 chip, which is 75% better than the previous generation single-core performance and 68% more multi-core performance. The integrated Mali G51-MP4 GPU achieves 130% performance improvement and 100% energy efficiency improvement, which effectively improves the fever and stagnation problems in the use of mobile phones, and cooperates with Maimang 8 6GB and 128GB of large memory.a bring a smoother experience. And Maimang 8 also has a combination of soft and hard GPU Turbo 2.0 blessing, support a variety of large-scale mobile games including “Glory of the King”, the long-term game can maintain a stable high frame rate output.

The above is a game test based on the popular “King of the Glory” game on the market. After the high frame rate mode is turned on, the average frame rate of the game is stable at 59 frames, which is excellent, and the phone is finished after the game is over. The fever is not obvious. It is enough to see that the performance can fully support the mainstream game like “Glory of the King”.GameBench is a performance analysis tool for Android and iOS devices that allows you to easily and quickly test the performance of your app or game.

EMUI 9.0 is fully playable

Maimang 8 is equipped with a Huawei EMUI 9.0 operating system, giving full play to Huawei’s hardware and software combined technology advantages. The whole system is like having a smart housekeeper in daily management, which can continuously learn and realize intelligent perception. Moreover, it can intelligently learn the user’s application habits, thereby predicting user behavior, and the user can guarantee the running space in advance when the user operates next time, thereby bringing a better user experience.

Maimang 8 is equipped with the current hot EROFS Huawei super file system, which can deeply optimize system occupancy, experience smoother and bring more usable space. And the EMUI 9.0 system also supports intelligent scheduling of CPU and memory resources, which can always bring users the best experience. Compared with the use of the same price products on the market soon, there will be cases such as Caton. Due to the EROFS super file system and the EMUI 9.0 blessing, the long-term use of the Emans 8 can solve some of the problems encountered by users.

On Maimang 8, we can also experience the practical and convenient full-screen gesture function, which brings us more efficiency. For new users, the full-screen gesture function of Maimang 8 is not costly. The left and right slide back, the bottom slides back to the main interface, and the bottom slides up for a short pause to call out multitasking. Moreover, through the comprehensive screen-specific gesture setting, it is also possible to realize a slide-on voice assistant and intelligent vision, thereby eliminating the cumbersome operation steps in the middle.

For users who like online shopping, Maimang 8 is still an online shopping helper. Through the AI ​​smart shopping function, you can achieve one-click photoshopping, see what you like, you can buy it with a shot, very convenient. In addition, through smart vision, you can scan the QR code and translate it to make life more intelligent. In short, whether you like online shopping or often use foreign language translation, Maimang 8 can be satisfied, and after the actual measurement, the experience is good.


Different from the previous generations of Maimang products, Maimang 8 inherits the excellent genes and also adopts the three-shot design, making it the first three-shot mobile phone of the Maimang series. Maimang 8 uses 24MP + 16MP + 2 Megapixels rear three-camera design, of which 24 Megapixels main camera can straight out photos in the case of bright ambient light, ensuring the highest resolution, resulting in better photography Experience.

Maimang 8 can show the details and color of the subject. The statue in the picture shows a clear sense of history under the lens of Maimang 8, which is even more vicissitudes. The group wolf picture vividly restores the fierce feeling of the wolf plastic itself, and the picture is more immersive. The last leaf shows the fascinating effect of the 2-megapixel lens to the greatest extent so that the photos taken are more natural and durable.

From the Maimang 8 flower and green plant sample, we can see that the overall color of the picture is accurate and full. The flowers of different colors can be displayed with a delicate and full of texture. For green plants, the texture details on the green leaves can be clearly displayed. Even if you zoom in, the picture will not be pasted.

The 16-megapixel super wide-angle lens has an aperture of F2 . 2 and a viewing angle of 117 degrees. Compared to the normal camera mode, the super wide angle can accommodate larger scenes. For the professional, it is easy to take a big sense of the meeting, which leads to a higher quality of work. For the student party, even a large number of graduation photos can be taken straight out. It is also a common thing in life to have a small party with three or five friends. With the super wide-angle mode of Maimang 8, even if there are more people, you can all accommodate it in the picture!

Let’s look at a set of super wide-angle mode proofs:

From the comparison of the above-mentioned Maimang 8 common mode proofs and super wide-angle mode proofs, it is obvious that the super wide-angle mode has a larger capacity. When shooting some detailed images, the super wide-angle mode can accommodate more details so that details are not lost. For some scenes, the super wide-angle mode can enhance the visual impact of the picture and bring more pleasing effects.

In addition to the super wide angle, the super night scene is also a highlight of the Maimang 8. The Maimang 8 night scene mode stabilizes the picture through the AI ​​algorithm, supports 6 seconds of hand-held photo shooting, can improve the dynamic range of night photo photos with the naked eye, and can still take beautiful photos in extremely dark environments. The following is a set of Mai Mang 8 super night proofs:

In terms of self-timer, Maimang 8 is equipped with an 8-megapixel self-timer lens, with the new AI natural beauty algorithm, which can create the most suitable user’s beauty scheme according to the user’s age, gender, and skin color. The self-timer effect keeps the real details, and also achieves intelligent microdermabrasion, intelligent skin tone adjustment, acne, face-lifting, de-oiling, big-eyed, etc., and brings all-around beauty effects to the user through various details.

Maimang 8 person self portraitHuawei Maimang 8 evaluation: 24MP super wide-angle three photos let me become the most awkward

The new 3D portrait light effect game allows you to experience the functions of the flagship machine on the Maimang 8, bringing more fun and interesting gameplay to the user. Through the 3D portrait light effect, a variety of photographic light effects such as butterfly light and theater light can be realized, which makes people look more stereoscopic and play more.

And in the face of the backlighting self-timer often encountered in the scene of life, Maimang 8 also has a high trick. With the newly upgraded AI smart backlight technology, you can achieve powerful backlighting photos. Whether you are going straight, sidelight or backlight, you can take self-portrait photos with rich details and true colors. Users who like self-portraits can try it.


As a product for positioning young people, Maimang 8 has made the most intimate consideration for the user in the overall design. For example, the ultra-wide angle of the current mobile phone photography, the 24MP super wide-angle AI three-photograph of Maimang 8 is very good for young users and the pursuit of photography for the United States. Realizing the vision of allowing users to take more pictures with a mobile phone, is this not the future direction of smartphones? Moreover, the practicality of Maimang 8 has become higher due to the blessing of EMUI 9.0. Whether it is a smart translation or smart purchase, the mobile phone itself has become a personal assistant for users. Allowing users to solve the most pressing needs through a single mobile phone in a few simple steps.

And for users with game needs, Maiman’s Kirin 710 processor + GPU Turbo 2.0 can run mainstream games on the market, and the frame rate is excellent. In addition to work and study, it is still appropriate to take out the game between Maimang 8 and his friends. All in all, the appearance of Maimang 8 is like throwing a blockbuster into the thousand yuan machine market, providing consumers with a more refined choice.


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