Huawei Mate 20/Pro are fully Upgrade To EMUI 10.1: 13 More Models Including


Huawei EMUI officially announced that 13 models including Huawei Mate 20 series are fully open to upgrading the EMUI 10 system. Users can open the [Service] APP-Services-Upgrade Trial.

This open upgrade model includes Huawei Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20X 4G, Mate 20X 5G, Mate 20 RS Porsche Design, Huawei nova 5 Pro, Huawei Tablet M6 (8.4 inches), Huawei Tablet M6 (10.8 inches), Huawei Tablet M6 high-energy version, Honor 20, Honor 20 PRO, Honor V20, Honor Magic2.

The following is the Huawei / Honor model to upgrade EMUI 10.1 plan.

The main highlights of EMUI 10.1 are micro stereo AOD, which adds a 3D visual sense of front and rear stereo depth of field to the senses. In addition, it also includes a smart split-screen, which slides inwards from both sides of the screen and pauses. It can call up the side application bar, long-press and drag the application to open the split-screen and support dragging between two applications, including pictures and text. Drag.

The new EMUI 10.1 brings a new micro stereo AOD, which can share the smooth communication of the screen and more powerful multi-screen collaboration. The update also includes a more natural and smooth damping effect. With a multi-device control center, smart split-screen, distributed gallery, and so on. After the Closed beta, Huawei will also start the registration for the public beta with more testers.

Notably, the Huawei Nova 5 series (that includes the regular Nova 5, Nova 5 Pro, Nova 5i Pro, and  Nova 5z) are grabbing the new EMUI 10.1 update. And, users can register on the phone through the [Pollen Club] App- [Recommended]-[Closed Registration]

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Huawei EMUI 10.1 also pioneered the multi-device control center, which can realize intelligent recommendations of nearby devices and one-click switching of video and music playback devices.


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