Huawei Mate 40 Pro Concept Appeared: 5 Rear Cameras, Kirin 1020


Foreign media also produced a set of concept renderings for Huawei Mate 40 Pro. In this set of concept renderings. The number of Huawei Mate 40 Pro rear cameras has been increased. Increase in amplitude.


The screen part of the Huawei Mate40Pro will continue to use the curved screen design. The screen curvature on the left and right sides of the screen is very high. It should be said that this is still the traditional waterfall screen design of Huawei, but the screen curvature of the left and right sides of the Huawei Mate40Pro screen is close to 180 degrees, so from the front, the borders on the left and right sides of the Huawei Mate40Pro screen are almost invisible, thanks to the design of the left and right hyperboloids of the screen.

In addition, the area of ​​the notch that Huawei Mate40Pro is very familiar with is not visible in the concept rendering. It seems that Huawei Mate40Pro has found an alternative to the design of notch. At present, after the bangs screen design of Huawei Mate40Pro is canceled, the alternative is to hide the front camera and face recognition module design under the screen. Because no design solutions such as punching are seen on the screen, the biggest possibility is the front The camera and face recognition module is hidden under the screen, which also shows that the outside world believes that Huawei will take the lead in breaking through this technical problem.

The body design of Huawei Mate40Pro should be said to be very characteristic, and the main change is still focused on the rear camera module. The previous generation Huawei Mate mobile phone used a round lens module, while earlier Huawei Mate mobile phones used a square lens module, and on the Huawei Mate40Pro, it returned to a square lens module and was designed in position. In the upper left corner of the phone.

Huawei Mate40Pro Cameras

Huawei Mate40Pro’s rear camera module uses a square lens module design. And in this square lens module, a total of five cameras are designed. In the lens module, Huawei Mate40Pro has designed a total of four round lenses and a square lens. The size and size of the four-round lenses are the same. At the same time, five cameras. And a flash is arranged in accordance with the upper and lower three. If Huawei Mate40Pro comes in accordance with the design rules, the rear camera’s ability to take pictures should be more powerful. And the zoom ability of the telephoto lens will be improved again.

Huawei Mate40Pro Hardware

Although wired charging will not be canceled in the future. The mainstream charging design will be wireless charging. Huawei Mate40Pro will still retain the design of two-way wireless charging. The speeds of wireless charging and reverses of wireless charging will be faster. And the loss of reverse wireless charging will be less, and the efficiency will be higher. Huawei Mate40Pro will also be equipped with a new Kirin 1020 processor. Which is also more obvious in terms of performance improvement and less power consumption.

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Do you like the design of Huawei Mate 40 Pro in the concept rendering and the design of the rear camera? If Huawei Mate40Pro is really released according to the design in the concept rendering. Will you support it and buy it in the first place?


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