Huawei Mate 40 Pro Concept Appeared: Front and Back Dual-Screen, Quad Rear Cameras


foreign media believe that Huawei is more qualified, which means that Huawei mobile phones will have this industrial design ability in the future, and design smartphones that are distinctive in appearance and hardware parameters. Foreign media released a set of conceptual renderings about Huawei Mate40Pro. In this set of conceptual renderings, Huawei Mate 40 Pro adopts a completely different design.   The front design of Mate 40 Pro is quite square, and the left and right borders of the phone are angular. The left and right screens of Huawei Mate40Pro still retain the curved screen design, and there is also a design that makes people eye-catching, that is, the notch is no longer retained. It can be seen that the notch part of Huawei Mate40Pro has been canceled, and the entire screen is complete without any gaps.

After Huawei’s Mate40Pro’s notch was canceled, the replacement design was not the hidden design of the front camera and face recognition unlocking module, but it was directly cut off. That is to say, in the concept rendering, Huawei Mate40Pro no longer is equipped with a front camera and a face recognition unlocking module. As for why Mate 40 Pro is no longer equipped with a front camera and face recognition module, it will be explained in a follow-up article.

Huawei Mate40Pro has a brand new design on the back of the fuselage. Huawei Mate40Pro has a round lens module on the back of the fuselage, and a display screen is also designed under the lens module. The lens module on the back of the Mate 40 Pro fuselage is still a circular design. In addition, four cameras are designed in the lens module. The four cameras are arranged in accordance with the appearance of the cross.

Why the notch screen of Mate 40 Pro was directly cut off, and the front camera and face recognition unlocking module are no longer equipped, because Huawei Mate40Pro designed a second screen on the back of the fuselage, and this second screen can be used for taking pictures Display at the same time, that is to say, Huawei Mate40Pro can completely rely on the four rear cameras and the second screen of the fuselage for selfie operations. Such a design does not require notch and the front camera and faces recognition unlocking module in the notch.

Mate 40 Pro still has a great improvement in the performance of hardware parameters. For example, it will be equipped with a new Kirin 1020 processor. At the same time, wireless charging technology will also be greatly improved, especially the speed of reverse wireless charging. And the efficiency of reverse wireless charging will be improved, and the loss will be smaller.

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Do you think the design of the concept rendering of Huawei Mate 40 Pro meets your requirements? If Huawei Mate40Pro adopts the design in the concept rendering, wouldn’t it be good to save money to buy it early?


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