Huawei Mate 50 Pro Concept: Snapdragon 888, 100x Digital Zoom


Foreign media brought a set of renderings of Huawei Mate 50 Pro. The appearance design of the camera part has not changed much, but the change of the screen part can be described as huge.

Previously, foreign media have leaks Huawei’s patent application for the screen. It is reported that Huawei has applied for a new design of the screen. The content of this patent shows that Huawei is upgrading the curvature of the curved screen, such as in the rendering. The screen of the Huawei Mate50Pro has reached 180 degrees, and the side part of the screen has covered the position that originally belonged to the frame. At the same time, the frame is no longer visible on the left and right sides and is completely covered by the surrounding screen. The design of this surround screen is very arrogant in terms of visual effects, and the manufacturing cost is also high, of course, the maintenance cost is not cheap.

The screen part of Huawei Mate 50 Pro adopts a surround screen design. The biggest problem is that there are no physical buttons. Because the glass covers the frame, the physical buttons cannot be placed on both sides of the screen. Huawei has designed a touch operation on the screen to adjust the volume before. This time, the design of Huawei Mate50Pro has been upgraded. Not only the volume adjustment but also the menus for some quick operations can also be found in the Huawei Mate50Pro. Touch operation on the surround screen. In addition, the existence of the Huawei Mate50Pro surround screen, the screen ratio has been greater than 100%.

In addition to the wraparound screen of Huawei Mate 50 Pro, the camera module design on the back of the fuselage can also be called a major upgrade. The most surprising thing is that Huawei Mate50Pro will be equipped with a Zeiss camera design. The round camera module is back again, and a square camera module is added to the outside of the round camera module. This inner circle and outer square design represent the unity of man and nature in the humanities, and the meaning of the round place, including certain philosophical ideas.

The addition of Zeiss lenses is not just as simple as hanging a logo, because Zeiss has strong capabilities in lens optical coating and optical imaging effects. Therefore, the lens surface of Huawei Mate 50 Pro will be covered with Zeiss optical coating, so the image will be clearer. In addition, the periscope telephoto camera of Huawei Mate50Pro this time will also be upgraded to 64 Megapixels, and the 100x digital zoom also makes telephoto shooting even better.

Although Huawei mobile phones do not have the blessing of Kirin chips, models equipped with Snapdragon 888 4G chips are also selling very well, and there was a frenzy of panic buying. For Huawei Mate50Pro, it will be equipped with Snapdragon 8Gen1 4G chip. Although it still does not support the 5G network, I personally think that it should not have an impact on sales. After all, Hongmeng OS3.0 of Huawei Mate50Pro is more attractive to consumers. , to a certain extent, it should be able to make up for the regret that Huawei Mate 50 Pro does not support 5G.

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Huawei Mate 50 Pro, as Huawei’s flagship model, if it is released in the second half of the year, it will still be able to carry the iPhone14 to a certain extent, because the release time of the iPhone14 is closer to that of the Huawei Mate50Pro. As an imaging flagship model, it has self-developed technology in the system and also has a splendid surround screen blessing, which greatly increases the competitiveness of Huawei Mate50Pro.

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