Huawei Mate V Leaked: With Equipped Snapdragon 8 Series Chips


Today, letsgodigital broke the news that Huawei’s new folding screen phone to be released in December may be named Huawei Mate V, which is Huawei’s first model with a small screen folding solution.

The mobile phone folding solution is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Motorola Blade 5G folding screen mobile phones. The shape in the folded state is similar to a traditional flip phone, which is more compact and more convenient to carry.

It is worth noting that letsgodigital broke the news that Huawei Mate V folding screen may adopt a brand-new cooling scheme , and related patents have appeared in WIPO.

It is reported that Huawei’s new heat pipe is composed of copper, titanium, and aluminum materials, and any folding of the equipment will not damage the heat pipe. Huawei’s patent documents claim that this type of heat pipe can be mass-produced, which seems to imply that the related technology is mature, and it is not ruled out that it may be applied to the Huawei Mate V folding screen.

In terms of specifications, this folding screen phone should be positioned as a high-end flagship. It is expected to be equipped with Kirin 9000 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chips. Considering that there are not many Kirin 9000 chips left, it is not ruled out that Huawei Mate’s new folding screen may use Qualcomm chips. And it may only support 4G networks.

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