Huawei Mate XS Preview: Folding Screen, Optimized Design Configuration


Affected with the aid of the new coronavirus, MWC2020 deliberate to be held in Barcelona has also been canceled. Ensuing in many producers wanting to alter their new product release plans, consisting of Huawei. At present. Huawei has confirmed that it will hold a Huawei Terminal and Strategy Online conference at 21:00 on February 24th. From the preceding warm-up poster, Huawei will release a number of recent products this time, Along with the brand new Huawei Mate XS Folding Screen Smartphone. Regarding this new product. Similarly to some statistics disclosed within the legit warm-up. There also are a few exposures on the Internet. Let’s take a look at this product together.

Combined with some preceding records. Huawei Mate Xs will not have much change in appearance. It will nevertheless use the eagle-wing outer folding design. There can be no gaps after folding, and it has good integrity.

Features of Huawei Mate XS

The previously praised smart split-display screen characteristic will also continue. Presenting a more convenient and efficient operating revel in. At the equal time, the hinge will be optimized to make the hinge greater stable. Have a better folding experience and higher durability.

And its screen ratio maybe even higher. It ought to be similarly narrowed the bezel. The overall length of the fuselage is also anticipated to be similarly reduced.

I personally sense that the screen length will not increase in addition. The modern-day 8-inch large display screen is enough. In addition, it is understood that the bendy OLED show of Huawei Mate Xs is nonetheless furnished by BOE. Huawei Mate Xs preview: optimized design configuration improve without brief board

In phrases of cameras. Huawei Mate Xs must still retain the preceding ultra-sensitive four-camera. And its clever design lets in the phone to depend on a set of cameras to obtain the hassle of front and rear photos.

Not simplest can the rear camera be taken within the opened up kingdom or the folded country. When you want to take a selfie, you can virtually fold and flip the smartphone. And use the secondary display on the again of the smartphone to easily entire the selfie.


In the Camera,  It makes use of a mixture of a 40-megapixel film ultra-huge-angle lens. And 40-megapixel ultra-sensitive lens + telephoto lens + 3-D ToF lens to further beautify the camera capabilities. After all, it is the top flagship, Using the pinnacle configuration is likewise very reasonable.

Although remaining year’s Mate X turned into officially released close to the stop of the year. Because of the sooner release. It changed into ready with a aggregate of Kirin 980 processor and Baron 5000.

This year’s Mate Xs will unavoidably be upgraded to today’s Kirin 990 5G processor, which helps SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networking. On the one hand, the overall performance is stronger. Some help to improve the battery lifestyles of the product.

After all, the inner space of the folding display screen mobile smartphone is very compact, and increasing the battery existence by using increasing the battery may additionally make the frame thicker.


According to previous news, Huawei Mate XS Folding Screen Smartphone month-to-month shipments are about 100,000 units, or even if the price is as excessive as 16,999 yuan, it’s far nonetheless hard to discover a machine.

Huawei also released a note that the brand new Kirin processor unveiled at the conference on the 24th. It is probable to be a mid-range 5G processor, which can be used in destiny mid-range cellular phone products. In this way, Huawei also can release 5G mobile phones in extra charge segments to in addition seize the market proportion of 5G cellular phones. At the equal time, the theme of the conference is “Together with the Future”, so Huawei need to also update the 1 + 8 + N all-scenario strategy and make some new deployments.

Will Huawei deliver us even more surprises? Let us wait and see. Tianji.Com may also maintain to pay attention to this press conference and convey to you the brand new reports.

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