Huawei MateBook notebook comes out with a big surprise


In February, Huawei  launched its first laptop Huawei Matebook with a number of innovative design, but it is said it will release in April, but now it comes May, it still has no any movement. Just now, Xiang Ligang showed a screenshot in microblog. That’s right, it’s Huawei Matebook. And it is equipped with Intel Core m5-6y54 processor, RAM 8GB, and 128GB SSD hard disk.


This is the mid-range version, but Huawei published M5 , 8GB previously abroad has 256/512GB Hard disk, no 128GB.  It seems it has added the new version in China.Xiang said he started to test this Huawei Matebook, there are some surprise, but also some problems. But he didn’t claim clearly what they are.


However, this means Huawei Matebook finally comes out in China, we don’t know how much it will be? Huawei Matebook uses  symmetric metal fuselage design, its thickness has only 6.9mm, weighing 640grams, independent removable keyboard, and it supports the world’s first side press fingerprint, it also comes with MatePen, MateDock multi-function docking expansion.

As for its configuration, Huawei Mate sports by 12inch 2160×1440 IPS screen, powered by Intel Core m3/m5/m7 4.5W ultra-low power consumption. It has 4gb /8gb of memory hard drive, 500MP camera, dual speaker with dolby sound, 33.7Wh battery which can support 10 hours using, USB Type C , micro USB port and supports smart charge.

About the price, it sells at 600usd to 1599usd without tax in USA, so how much will Huawei Matebook sell in China? Do you want to have a test with this Matebook? We will report more about it.


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