Huawei MatePad Pro 5G Appeared: Releasing on May 28th


The digital blogger leaked the news, “Huawei MatePad Pro 5G version, released on May 28, please stay tuned.” For the first time. It suddenly exposed Huawei ’s first 5G tablet. The release time of MatePad Pro!

It was said that it was suddenly because there was not much news about Huawei MatePad Pro 5G online. In addition, there is no news recently that Huawei will hold any new product launch on May 28th. So if the news is true, we are also temporarily It is not known what new products Huawei will launch at this conference. However, it is now a few days away from May 28. If the news is credible, it is believed that Huawei officials will not disclose information about the press conference soon.

At present, there is not much news about Huawei MatePad Pro 5G version on the Internet, but according to the practice, the tablet configuration should be not much different from Huawei MatePad Pro 4G version. In terms of configuration, Huawei MatePad Pro 4G version is equipped with a 10.8-inch full HD screen, the screen ratio reaches 90%.

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The body is thin and light, and the weight is only 460g; the Kirin 990 chip is used to support multi-screen collaboration and the mobile phone. And tablet can be connected “Split” to the MatePad Pro 5G to achieve two-way dragging. And mutual transfer of pictures and files; built-in 7250mAh battery, strong battery life, can easily work for 11 hours.



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