Huawei MateRS2 Porsche Concept Phone: Screen To Body Ratio 94.5% Even iPhoneX Are Afraid To Do This


The cooperation between the flagship machine and the famous car has created a new series. The Huawei Mate RS Porsche version released in the first half of this year is extremely surprising. The price is not only amazing, but also the appearance is expensive, and the next generation Huawei MateRS2 Porsche Edition What is it like? Recently, foreign media has exposed this concept phone.

This Huawei MateRS2 Porsche version is not only more expensive than the previous generation, but the whole mobile phone is also slightly larger. According to the specifications, the AMOLED material is used, and the chin is only left. A gap. you can see that the whole screen is bright. There are two black lines on the top and bottom. There are almost no left and right borders. The curved surface is very obvious. The two lines are very straight, just to enjoy the Porsche sports car. The feeling of prestige, the beauty of the flowing lines, the feeling of the entire mobile phone screen is very comfortable.

In addition to the Porsche’s shadow on the front, you can also see the style of Porsche in the fuselage, using Corning Gorilla Glass, the phone is very comfortable, always feel the luxury brought by Porsche, the body does not have 3.5mm The earphone hole is very complete, and the dustproof and waterproof level of the mobile phone is up to IP68 level, which is quite high.

The Huawei MateRS2 Porsche version of the concept machine screen size of 6.2 inches, the screen ratio is quite amazing, reaching 94.5%, and surprisingly, finally equipped with wireless charging. Huawei’s fast charge is inherently powerful, and if you add a fast charge, it will be even more powerful.

Not only has a super high screen ratio, but also a resolution of 1440×2960, 18.5:9 screen ratio, no ugly on the forehead is arrogant, the thin frame not only has a front lens, but also a 3D face recognition module. At least in this regard, I believe it can be positive with the iPhone X PK.

In terms of configuration, the Kirin 980 processor, 8/10G memory + 128/256G storage space, and very scary technology and super fast charging function. However, from the back of the fuselage, it is still behind the fingerprint recognition and three lens design, this has not changed much.

Huawei Mate RS2 processor is Kirin 980, rear Leica three camera, compared to Huawei P20 Pro, the three cameras have more powerful functions, clear backlighting, night shot without pressure, equipped with AI smart technology, can be fast Moreover, the environment of the photograph is accurately recognized and the camera parameters are automatically adjusted according to the scene.

Huawei Mate RS2 renderings show that the camera has screen fingerprint recognition and unlock. In addition, if there is no accident, 3D face recognition should be equipped, and GPU TURBO will also be added to this phone. It is said that there are super fast charge and Wireless charging, should Huawei’s black technology be fully concentrated?

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From the appearance of the entire mobile phone, it still continues the extravagance of the Huawei Porsche version. If it is released, will the price be not confirmed?

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